Friday 5

Oh hey!  It’s Friday!  Here are 5 quick things…

ONE }  Lance is heading to Florida this weekend to watch some spring training games with his good friends.  I’m 100% supportive of him doing fun things…but that doesn’t mean I’m not also 100% jealous that he will be kid free and living it up for 3 days.  I convinced my Mom to come down for the weekend so that she can take care of me….I mean the kids….I mean HELP ME take care of the kids 😉

TWO } If you live in KC and like good beer then you’re probably aware of the KC Tap Tour promotion currently going.


You pick up a $5 “guidebook” and make your way around the KC beer scene getting it stamped and taking advantage of the drink coupons/discounts. Even though we’ve been to the majority of breweries in the guide we are on a mission to complete it by the end of May so we can get the free Charlie Hustle tee…I mean duh.  We hired our trusty local babysitter a couple weekends ago and knocked out 3 of them.  Then last weekend we took the kids along to Martin City (since they have food!) and knocked that one out.  Big fan of that place as well and I can see us going back this summer with the kids and enjoying the patio!


So if you’re into beer make sure you grab a book and get touring…and invite me along because I have no idea how we’re going to get all these checked off because #kids and also #not21anymore.  Can’t hang like I used to.

(Oh and if there was any doubt I’m not getting anything for saying this…not even a free beer though that would be nice…I’m just a huge fan of local beer and supporting local things :)

THREE } I recently bit the bullet and bought a couple tops from Gray Monroe* when she had a 50% off sale stuff deal.  I was so excited to get them only to have them both be too big (I went with medium per my usual size) …womp womp.  However I decided to give it another go when she had all the tops on happy hour sale one day after seeing and wanting this top:


I’ve got a thing for loose peplum tops at the moment so I gave it a shot and WIN!  I went with a small this go around and it fits great and looks cute!  Of course I haven’t worn it yet because it’s white and I have kids…soooo need to find an excuse to escape my kids and wear it. Now I’m debating getting this romper


I feel like this is way out of my comfort zone…but hopefully if I keep up with the beachbody workouts and (attempting to eat well) I can rock it confidently this summer!  Of course #2 above counteracts that whole “eating well” thing… #lifeishard

*this is an affiliate link…not that I expect anything from it…full disclosure people 😉

FOUR }  I’m about a month into my new job and so far so good!  It’s always awkward being the “new person”, especially in a place where new people are not hired too often.  So everyone notices you and wants to ask a lot of questions.  It’s been nice having human interaction again…granted sometimes it’s a bit TOO much.  I’ve been enjoying getting dressed in the mornings like a real put together person…but then of course I can’t wait to get home and put my leggings back on and baggy old tee shirt 😉 Somehow I have a lot more laundry now too.

FIVE }  We’ve been upping our crock-pot and meal planning game now that I work out of the house and this is one of the recent winners. Crock Pot Salsa Verde Chicken… So Good!  You have to get the Archer Farms salsa though…pretty sure that’s the secret.



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Friday Hodgepodge

I feel like random lists on Fridays is all I got in me these days.


1) Lance and Jack are currently headed up to North Dakota for a wedding…which means it’s just me and the girl this weekend.


Which also means I get to do WHATEVER I WANT after she goes to bed because ONE KID!!  I mean there might be movie watching, knitting, reading….so many possibilities!  Too bad she has been waking up at 4:30am refusing to go back to sleep lately… so sleeping in till 6 is out of the question.  (seriously…when 6am is “sleeping in” what life is this?!)

2) A couple weeks ago I got mastitas.  It was awful.  I had it when Jack was about 3 weeks old so thankfully I knew the signs…but shit…it came on fast.  I went from feeling some pain in my right boob in the morning to shaking uncontrollably and crying from pain a few hours later.  I booked it to the closest urgent care and got drugs.  They hooked me up with the good shit and I spent the next couple days laying in bed with a heating pad on my boobs.  At least the olympics were on so I had something to watch while i floated in and out of consciousness.  It took about 48 hours before I felt normal-ish again…which worked out well for wine tasting with my sisters in my hometown that weekend.


3)   I won something!! You guys….If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed this very flattering picture I took of myself holding this map with beercaps.


Well it was for a contest…and I won!  Which means I get ANOTHER map and a sweet set of coasters.  I actually got this map (from Beer Cap Maps) as an anniversary gift “for Lance”…but really it was for “us” to fill with beers we have enjoyed together.  I picked Kansas because we live here now, but I have my eyes set on this giant USA one as my free one.


Which means I’ll have to start organizing my beer drinking by state…and likely have to take some beertrips in the future to really fill it out.  If you also want to have an excuse to drink beer you should get your own map.

4) I’ve given up on trying to make our house look decent until Allison is stair trained…because I had no choice but to install this monstrosity last weekend:


Because ain’t nobody got time to guard a baby from going up/down stairs all day.  I’m basically a pro at installing baby gates…this is numero 3 for me and I don’t even need directions anymore.  Thinking of starting a side gig.



SoCal: the land of IPAs

A couple weeks ago Lance and I took our first trip alone as a couple since having Jack.  Before this we had only had one night away from him at the same time.  Such is life when you live plane rides away from grandparents (before you have kids=cool, after you have kids=not so cool).  So a few months ago I bribed my Mom into coming out for a weekend by promising another grandchild in the works (cough cough…eventually…)…and of course she was happy to oblige and brought along my Stepdad too so he could do things like build us a new fence.

Since we live out west California is an easy destination…and since we had done Napa/Sanoma before we decided to explore the Southern part near San Diego.  Neither of us were really interested in the tourist stuff San Diego has to offer so we decided to stay up North in San Marcos…and explore the coastal towns (and breweries)!

photo 1 copy
Lance trying to take a selfie…me disapproving.

We really only had two main objectives for the weekend…relax and drink good beer.  So it should come as no surprise that our first stop was the La Jolla Brewery (fave beer: Glider Port Pale) and then we ventured off to Ballast Point  which was in a weird location but had a great deck for trying one (or 10) of their brews on tap.

photo 1

I tried so many I forget which one was my favorite…but I definitely enjoyed the Calico Amber and the Fathom IPA…weirdest beer we tried was the Habanero Sculpin.  Shocking…it was as awful as it sounds.

Then we made it to our little abode for the weekend… the Lakehouse Hotel.

photo 3

This place is so cute!  It was just completely remodeled about a year ago and it shows…a true Instagramer’s delight.

photo 3
The view from our lakeside room



photo 2
Champagne on arrival!

We made our way to a Trader Joes to stock up on snacks and wine…and then headed to dinner at Pizza Port in Carlsbad.  Their seating is all communal…which I guess is the hip thing these days…and the place was jammed with people…but we somehow scored two seats at the bar shortly after we got there.  The pizza was fantastic as were the beers.  They brew their own as well as have a ton of the local stuff on tap.  I had their Pale and it was a nice break from the heavy IPAs.

The next day we headed toward the coast/Solana Beach area where we ventured out to the water and walked up the beach a bit.

photo 4

photo 5

We weren’t totally hungry enough for lunch at this point so we decided to kill some time at another brewery…Culture Brewing.  This place was like a giant open garage which was awesome for people luxury car watching.

photo 5If there’s one thing about California…they sure LOVE their IPAs.  Don’t get me wrong I too love a good IPA…in fact they used to be my beer of choice back in the day…but living in Utah (oh and having a kid) has really killed my adventurous beer spirit and after day one of beer tasting I was ready for something light(er)!  So I claim their Hefeweisen as my favorite (GASP!)…whatever I’m weak. (The Amber was really good too)

photo 1

After we had our fill of beer we headed north for lunch at Las Olas in Cardiff.  This little place is located across the street from the beach…with fun outdoor seating.  Maybe it was the booze, or the beach breeze and views, or just the vacation happies…but dammit if their fish tacos weren’t AMAZING.  Good lord…I want one right now as I’m typing this.

photo 4

Then we continued north and stopped at another bar (shocking!) Union Kitchen in Encinitas.  This place was packed at 2pm on a Sat…people “brunching”  which is apparently what you do in California.  We hung out long enough to have some fun cocktails and watch the Preakness.  Then it was back to the Lakehouse for some pool time.

photo 2

Since we were feeling lazy for dinner we opted to go to the local Pizza Port and grab a pint and a pizza to go…perfect end to a fun and relaxing day.  There was a wedding in the “boathouse” that night which was really close to our room…so we spent the rest of the night on the deck listening to the music and creeping on drunks as they left the reception.  Typical vacation stuff.

We headed back home on Sunday feeling refreshed and ready to see our little redhead trouble maker.  I think he was less than thrilled with our return because the grandparents did fun things like go to the zoo and aquarium…and introduced him to chocolate milk.

I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed himself while we were away…as did we!  Maybe next time we’ll take him along 😉

366: 22-28

A little late to get these up…I blame the painting job i tackled this past weekend…worst. ever.

Jan 22: photo from my phone of the pillow cover I quickly made (to match the quilt) after learning of Owen’s arrival on Saturday!

(also my first applique sewing adventure…not too shabby!)


Jan 23:  Sometimes the only cure of a serious case of the “Mondays” is a bottle of Cabernet…split with Lance of course.

Jan 24:  Snowy view of the ‘U’ from my office window….can you see it…it’s white.

Jan 25: Girls’ night with the dept/work/met ladies always includes a clothing swap…in this case I brought the majority of my closet thanks to a recent purge session.  Now I realize I have a grand total of 2 outfits…

Jan 26: Next paperback read…once I finish my current kindle one.

Jan 27: The wood paneling before I attacked it with white paint in what currently holds the title for “worst painting project of all time!!”  Also the reason the ‘after’ pic won’t make an appearance till next week’s post.

Jan 28:  I was stoked to try this beer for a few reasons…#1 being the “Pumpkin” part of it.  Yeah I def didn’t taste ANY pumpkin…but on the bright side I do believe I am liking Porters more these days.

Is it weird that two of my pics are of booze this week?!  Note to self:  try not to look like an alcoholic on the internet.

Recap Rewind

Here is where I re-start our recaps…because quite frankly…that last post bored me.

and if it is boring to me…then it must be a giant snore to everyone else.  I mean sure…I get the idea of recaping a day as it happens…but lordy those long posts just take it right out of me!  If I continue on this path you will either

a) not see pics from our first dance till late February


b) I will get super bored, never post, and just throw down a bunch of photos without any explination or true emotion.

I mean all you really want are the pretty pictures and the unique/funny/crazy moments right?!

So here’s how things will roll from now on…I’ve been loving A Mountain Bride’s “recap” style…very whatever-is-on-the-mind-at-the-moment-esq.  I’m thinking of going at it this way if it’s cool witch ya’ll.

If I’m feeling it…you will see it.

And if I forget to mention something you’ve been dying to know about…speak up!  Chances are I will be excited to tell/show ya all about it!

However…if you dig the traditional recapping style don’t worry…I’ll be laying it all down over on Elizabeth Anne Designs that way and I’ll let you know whenever posts go live!  Like for instance…check out my latest post on the rad gifts I got/made for my BMs!

Phew I feel like a weight has been lifted!

So in that case I bring you random photo #1 from our wedding…

That’s right…I’m showing you a picture of beer.

Why you ask?  Well for those of you that don’t know me…I love microbrews.  Our non-rehearsal-rehearsal-dinner was at a brewery in downtown Lincoln…nuff said.

Living in Utah “full-strength” beer (as we locals refer to it) is not easily obtained…you have to by it by the bottle at ‘State Liquor Stores’…and most brewers just say F-it and don’t even bother sending their stuff here.  Giant Sad Face 😦

In fact…we can’t get any of the beers pictured above in Utah (here’s where you offer to bring/ship me lots of yummy beers because my life is so rough…).  Due to this…Nebraska has quickly become a beer oasis for Lance and I…and when we set out to pick some for our wedding we I was like a kid in a candy store!!  Big Happy Smiley Eyes!!!

Lance questioned whether our guests would actually drink microbrews fearing we would have left overs (gasp!) and might have to take a couple cases back with us (oh the horror!!!!)

…well I was quickly able to say “I told you so” when they went like hot cakes that day!

Utah friend C (picutred to my left in hat): “Dang Steph…these full strength beers are making me tipsy!”

me:  “I know C!  I’m not used to anything above 4%…woohoo I’m married!

So there ya have it…beer was one of the things that made our wedding awesome.

Till next time!

** both pics by Kabloom Studios…2nd pic from our rockin’ shoot shack!