Friday Hodgepodge 

Oh hey there! In an attempt to get my blogging mojo back I’m checking in today with 5 quick things!

ONE }  On Monday Lance and I celebrated 7 years of marriage.  I originally started this blog to document the wedding planning process way back when so I couldn’t post without acknowledging that.  I won’t go into how our marriage has changed over the years…but it’s safe to say we have definitely evolved as a couple and learned so much about how to work together as a team since having kids.  Every year comes with new challenges and I couldn’t be more grateful to have Lance as my sidekick through it all.


TWO } Jack started TBall this week!  Lance has been pitching to him a ton in the backyard and I’m not trying to brag or anything…but the kid is getting pretty good.


I’m excited to see how he does this year!  The “games” are always good for comic relief.  You just never know what you’re going to get with 3&4 year olds.  Allison just likes the dirt…and yelling for “Da! Da!” the whole time.

THREE }  I’m meeting up with a potential babysitter tonight after work…and I’m not totally sure what I’m supposed to say or ask.  This is the first time I’ve tried to hire someone we don’t already know and/or family.  So while I’m a tad nervous…I’m actually not too concerned.  Now that it’s summer I’m itching to get out for some date nights!  So really as long as the girl doesn’t do meth I’m probably going to hire her.  Bonus points if she cleans up Mac-N-Cheese off the floor.

FOUR }  I’m proud to say I’m still going strong with the Beachbody workouts!  I never realized how much being in a challenge group would help…but it has made a world of a difference as far as staying motivated and on track.  If you’ve ever thought about doing it I say GO FOR IT!  


I was on the fence and am so glad that I did…I know I wouldn’t be in the shape I am today if I hadn’t signed up.  In fact, I recently finished 60 days of Insanity Max 30 and you better believed I submitted my results for that free tee.  That shit is HARD!


I lost a total of 9.5 inches, most of which were from my waist and hips!  So yep…this is what I’ll be wearing this summer from here on out.  Oh and next week is Shaun Week…I may be embarrassingly excited about getting my ass kicked every morning.

FIVE }  I ordered this super fancy blow up pool (since we don’t live in an HOA with a pool like the rest of JoCo) to keep the kids somewhat entertained on hot weekend this summer.


The seat on the inside sold me…and the cup holders because duh.  Planning to test it out this weekend with the balmy temps in the forecast so keep an eye on my Instagram if you want to see it in all its’ WT glory.  Hopefully a little classier step up from this…


Have a great weekend everyone!

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Friday 5

Oh hey!  It’s Friday!  Here are 5 quick things…

ONE }  Lance is heading to Florida this weekend to watch some spring training games with his good friends.  I’m 100% supportive of him doing fun things…but that doesn’t mean I’m not also 100% jealous that he will be kid free and living it up for 3 days.  I convinced my Mom to come down for the weekend so that she can take care of me….I mean the kids….I mean HELP ME take care of the kids 😉

TWO } If you live in KC and like good beer then you’re probably aware of the KC Tap Tour promotion currently going.


You pick up a $5 “guidebook” and make your way around the KC beer scene getting it stamped and taking advantage of the drink coupons/discounts. Even though we’ve been to the majority of breweries in the guide we are on a mission to complete it by the end of May so we can get the free Charlie Hustle tee…I mean duh.  We hired our trusty local babysitter a couple weekends ago and knocked out 3 of them.  Then last weekend we took the kids along to Martin City (since they have food!) and knocked that one out.  Big fan of that place as well and I can see us going back this summer with the kids and enjoying the patio!


So if you’re into beer make sure you grab a book and get touring…and invite me along because I have no idea how we’re going to get all these checked off because #kids and also #not21anymore.  Can’t hang like I used to.

(Oh and if there was any doubt I’m not getting anything for saying this…not even a free beer though that would be nice…I’m just a huge fan of local beer and supporting local things :)

THREE } I recently bit the bullet and bought a couple tops from Gray Monroe* when she had a 50% off sale stuff deal.  I was so excited to get them only to have them both be too big (I went with medium per my usual size) …womp womp.  However I decided to give it another go when she had all the tops on happy hour sale one day after seeing and wanting this top:


I’ve got a thing for loose peplum tops at the moment so I gave it a shot and WIN!  I went with a small this go around and it fits great and looks cute!  Of course I haven’t worn it yet because it’s white and I have kids…soooo need to find an excuse to escape my kids and wear it. Now I’m debating getting this romper


I feel like this is way out of my comfort zone…but hopefully if I keep up with the beachbody workouts and (attempting to eat well) I can rock it confidently this summer!  Of course #2 above counteracts that whole “eating well” thing… #lifeishard

*this is an affiliate link…not that I expect anything from it…full disclosure people 😉

FOUR }  I’m about a month into my new job and so far so good!  It’s always awkward being the “new person”, especially in a place where new people are not hired too often.  So everyone notices you and wants to ask a lot of questions.  It’s been nice having human interaction again…granted sometimes it’s a bit TOO much.  I’ve been enjoying getting dressed in the mornings like a real put together person…but then of course I can’t wait to get home and put my leggings back on and baggy old tee shirt 😉 Somehow I have a lot more laundry now too.

FIVE }  We’ve been upping our crock-pot and meal planning game now that I work out of the house and this is one of the recent winners. Crock Pot Salsa Verde Chicken… So Good!  You have to get the Archer Farms salsa though…pretty sure that’s the secret.



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Friday Hodgepodge

Five hodgepodge-ish things this Friday…

ONE:   Today marks the beginning of the Avey Month-O-Birthdays…starting with my main man Lance turning 35 today!


Next up is Allison (see more on that below), then Jack, and then me at the end of October.  It’s not like we planned it this way (exactly)…it’s just how nature intended.  Clearly God wants me to earn any sort of birthday fun I have by first stressing out over everyone else’s birthdays.  Think of how cool it will be when we can take joint bday trips…I mean that will happen right?  Without the kids also insisting on gifts?!  right…????  Or I’ll just take MYSELF on a trip after surviving birthday-maggedon…

TWO:    Allison turns ONE ON MONDAY.  WHAT?!  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!  Not to sound all cliche but seriously this year went by really fast.  I still call her my “sweet baby” and I might be calling her my baby till she’s 35…who knows.  We had her one year pictures taken on Monday and Becca already gave me a little sneak peek (below) and I’m dying!  Allison was so much better than her brother that we actually got some pics of JUST HER!   I feel like she deserves her own post detailing all the ONE-year things…so maybe I’ll get around to that next week after my hormones calm the f down…


THREE:  Speaking of hormones…I got my period this week for the first time since pre-Allison.  I felt like a 13yr old girl again scrambling around looking for tampons (who are we kidding I was scared of tampons till I was like 17)…only to remember DUH I was pregnant when we moved so obviously I didn’t have any.  As I was texting my friend about it (obviously) it reminded me how much I miss our girls nights where we would discuss such lovely things…basically like this video (LOVE these moms…they’re from Nebraska too so woot woot!)

“I get pre-pre-menstrual, then pre-menstrual, then I’m menstrual, then I’m post menstrual…then I get real horny for 2 days…whaaaattt”  <—– yep thats me.


FOUR:  Along with all the birthdays we’re having a lot of visitors this month starting with my little sister and her boyfriend this weekend.  While I love having visitors and extra helping hands…I also know that my kids wake up ass early (making staying up late extra painful) and Jack is always a little nuts unbearable on little sleep and more than normal attention.  So I really hope I make it through this month without any family members disowning me and/or the neighbors calling CPS on me.  Yay!

FIVE:  Now that Allison is basically one and I’m done with the breastfeeding biz…I feel like it’s time to get serious about working out again.  I’ve been running here and there…some weeks I do well and others not so well due to lack of sleep from a teething baby.  Thanks to KCMB I got to try both yoga and barre for the first time this past month.  I realize I’m super late to the yoga train but it’s true…I had never taken an actual yoga class up until this point.


I really enjoyed both…barre is definitely more up my ally with the resistance/muscle training.  Unfortunately the studio is like a 30min drive for me so I can’t justify the cost/time it would be to do it consistently enough.  Brittany is also tempting me with her challenge groups through beachbody…which I’m also a huge fan of after doing Insanity and T25…so we’ll see 😉  This month is all about survival so it will probably be another month before I get too serious!

*BONUS*:  Um I just have to say that football season is starting out AWESOME this year…both the Huskers and Vikings are undefeated so far…what?!  Oh and the Utes!  I definitely didn’t see that coming…nor do I know how long it will last so better revel in it now while we can!



Friday Hodgepodge

I feel like random lists on Fridays is all I got in me these days.


1) Lance and Jack are currently headed up to North Dakota for a wedding…which means it’s just me and the girl this weekend.


Which also means I get to do WHATEVER I WANT after she goes to bed because ONE KID!!  I mean there might be movie watching, knitting, reading….so many possibilities!  Too bad she has been waking up at 4:30am refusing to go back to sleep lately… so sleeping in till 6 is out of the question.  (seriously…when 6am is “sleeping in” what life is this?!)

2) A couple weeks ago I got mastitas.  It was awful.  I had it when Jack was about 3 weeks old so thankfully I knew the signs…but shit…it came on fast.  I went from feeling some pain in my right boob in the morning to shaking uncontrollably and crying from pain a few hours later.  I booked it to the closest urgent care and got drugs.  They hooked me up with the good shit and I spent the next couple days laying in bed with a heating pad on my boobs.  At least the olympics were on so I had something to watch while i floated in and out of consciousness.  It took about 48 hours before I felt normal-ish again…which worked out well for wine tasting with my sisters in my hometown that weekend.


3)   I won something!! You guys….If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed this very flattering picture I took of myself holding this map with beercaps.


Well it was for a contest…and I won!  Which means I get ANOTHER map and a sweet set of coasters.  I actually got this map (from Beer Cap Maps) as an anniversary gift “for Lance”…but really it was for “us” to fill with beers we have enjoyed together.  I picked Kansas because we live here now, but I have my eyes set on this giant USA one as my free one.


Which means I’ll have to start organizing my beer drinking by state…and likely have to take some beertrips in the future to really fill it out.  If you also want to have an excuse to drink beer you should get your own map.

4) I’ve given up on trying to make our house look decent until Allison is stair trained…because I had no choice but to install this monstrosity last weekend:


Because ain’t nobody got time to guard a baby from going up/down stairs all day.  I’m basically a pro at installing baby gates…this is numero 3 for me and I don’t even need directions anymore.  Thinking of starting a side gig.



Friday Hodgepodge

You guys…I’m running on fumes over here.  Allison decided she was NOT going to sleep from 1-4am last night but instead scream a lot.  Then she was up for good at 5…and brother came wandering out soon after exclaiming “It’s still dark out!”.  Yep buddy…it sure is.

Anyways…5 things on my mind this Friday (besides sleep)…

Reading:  Liane Moriarty’s new book “Truly Madly Guilty”


I tend to go all-in when I find an author I love…like after reading Gone Girl I immediately read Gillian Flynn’s other two novels.  Same goes for my gal Liane.  My favorites being What Alice Forgot and Three Wishes…but they are all so good!  I’m only about 6 chapters into this one so the story hasn’t fully taken shape yet…but I’m definitely intrigued.

Listening:  I’ve been getting back into podcasts lately.  My favorites right now include This American Life and The Longest Shortest Time.  A recent TAL bit involved Aziz Ansari reading off texts guys send to girls to make first contact (ep #559)…it’s pretty hilarious.  Then Lance and I tried to remember when texting became “the thing”.  I remember the summer after I graduated college getting a couple texts and thinking it was THE WORST.  Like having to respond required typing the numbers several times to get the right letter.  I hated it.  Now I write novels to my friends via text…

Watching:  The Night Of


I don’t know….I don’t think he did it…but maybe he did?  Anyways…it’s pretty good.  It’s the one show Lance and I watch together right now so it’s our Sunday night thing.  Also Omar is in it.

Oh and obviously I’m watching Bachelor in Paradise.  Drunk Chad reminds me of over-tired Jack…minus all the “dollar dollar bills” and “murdery” talk.  But basically the same thing.  I kinda loved Chad when he ate a raw sweet potato…but after his episode on BIP I’m off the Chad Wagon.  Well except his line to Chris Harrison about drinking mimosa’s in a bathrobe…that was tv gold.  I also love reading these two bloggers’ recaps…almost better than the show itself:  JenF & LC   OH and Wells (from bachelorette) does hilarious drunk-snaps during the episodes and they are pretty good.  He’s like my favorite now.

Digging: The new stories on Instagram.  Of course it comes now that I’m finally following enough people on snap to waste a good 20min watching stories.  So now I just waste time on both.  It suddenly feels more personal…esp when you hear someone’s voice after only knowing them via carefully curated pictures.

Writing: …for KCMB!  I’m pretty excited to be a new contributor for the Kansas City Mom’s blog.  Granted I’m also a little nervous…I hope I don’t suck.  I tricked them into letting me write about beer…so that’s fun.  It goes up next week so stay tuned!




Friday Hodgepodge

Five hodgepodge things from me to you…here we go!


My child has stellar fashion sense…clearly.

(1) Thought of the week:

I’ve decided 90% of parenting is just trying to convince my kids to do things I love while they fight back like evil little ninjas.

  1. Eat.  Seriously….just f’n eat your food.  No cookies and candy do not count and No you do not NEED a snack every single night before you can go to sleep.  I mean I would kill for your diet of mac-n-cheese and french fries…and your metabolism.  Suck it up now before you get old and every time you look at a piece of pizza you automatically gain 10lbs.
  2. Sleep.  FOR THE LOVE!!  I wish someone would wrap me up in a nice blanket, read me stories and make sure my environment is completely perfect before sending me off to dream land….but no.  I have to sleep next to your dad who falls asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow and immediately starts snoring.  Then once I do fall asleep I have to wake up every couple hours to “touch up” your environment so you can once again sleep for 20mins.
  3. Get Dressed.  Why must getting dressed be such an undertaking?!  Like you could literally put on ANYTHING and no one will care…no one.  I’m not even asking you to put on jeans and a cute shirt…just pick out one of the 5 shirts you will actually wear and your favorite holy sweatpants and LET’S GO!
  4. Alone Time.  Is it really too much to ask for you to sit and play BY YOURSELF for 30mins?!  Heck I’d even take a solid 15!  I wish someone would force me to spend an hour in my bedroom ALL ALONE.  Just think of the possibilities!!!   The books I could read!  The things I could knit!  The episodes of Vanderpump Rules I could watch!!

(2) Link of the week:

Why “Free Time” when you have kids doesn’t actually exist…like ever…not even when they start school.  Cue ugly cry face!


(3) Tweet of the week:

Seriously though.  I also find I look much skinnier and less pale in store dressing rooms and then I get home and realize nope…nope I do in fact look like shit.


(4) Beer of the week:


Buffalo Commons Windblown Wheat

The in-laws are visiting this weekend and my Brother in law brought me beer from the little brewery in their hometown.  It’s like he knows me or something.

(5) Song of the week:

Fifth Harmony – Work From Home

“put in work like my timesheet”

OK yes this song is NOT actually about WORKING from home I know…but I still can’t help but sing the chorus over and over when I am…in reality….working from home.  It’s also a current favorite song for running….which I’ve been attempting to do more regularly these days.

Happy Friday all!


Friday Hodgepodge

You guys…I’m kicking it back to the OG blog.  Remember when I did these?!  I’m working on a post that is more “feel-y” but since I have no one to talk to all day while I work from home…I need an outlet for my random thoughts and crap I find on the internet.  You’re welcome.

Five hodgepodge things from me to you…here we go!

(1) Thought of the week:

I live in constant fear that daycare will call and tell me to pick up one of my “sick” kids.

Jack came home from daycare last Friday with a fever…which turned into a 5 day evil stomach bug.  I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say diapers were brought back (no shame) and I may never eat chocolate pudding again.  By Monday kid was fever free but we kept him home that day…and the next…because of the um…mess.

This marks the 4th time in the last 6ish weeks that I’ve had to keep one of our children home from daycare for 1+ days.  We had the pink-eye-that-wasn’t, the post-lunch-vomit which lead to nothing but another day home with Mom, the RSV (legit…poor baby girl), and now this evil rotavirus thing.  I’m over it.  I’m also that Mom that will drug my kid up in the morning to keep any sign of a fever at bay…just in case.  This all leads me to…

(2) Link of the week:

For the working Mom with sick kids.


(3) Tweet of the week:


Man I love me some pissed off Cersei.  Thanks to buzzfeed for explaining all the scenes because SO MUCH HAPPENING!!!!  GAH! 6 WEEKS! #youknownothingjonsnow

(4) Beer of the week:


Since moving to Kansas we’ve been mostly enjoying and trying out the local beers…but for some reason Lance picked up a six pack of Easy Street the other day and I must say it went down pretty easy Tuesday night after a LONG DAY home with Jack.

(5) Song of the week:

Flo Rida – My House

“Open  up the champagne…POP!”

Jack has declared this song “Dad’s Jam”…we may have had a couple much needed dance parties in the kitchen this week to this song.


Happy Friday!



Friday Hodgepodge

Well….you’d think we took a trip back in time with that post title huh?!

For you newbies…once upon a time I actually wrote posts more often than once a month…and on Fridays I called them “Friday Hodgepodge

1) I still Love the Vikes even though they lost to the Saints…it was only the first game.  Although I’m a little concerned to hear my Fantasy superstar Percy has been diagnosed with sleep apnea…’Harvin A Good Time’* needs you Percy!!!!

2) I’m feeling a mad need to make chili and spend an entire weekend on the couch knitting and watching football.  This is good because my needles are in need of a work-out…and my feet are in need of another pair of these

I also stumbled my way onto Knit Pics early today for the first time in months…only to discover new colorways (well new to me neways) of  their Shamrock yarn which I love to use for these fabulous slippers.  Quinn is my fave

Alas I already have 5 skeins in another colorway so I will force myself to use those up first.  Woo-hoo for stash-usage!

3) Turns out Lance & I have some cute friends…and Salt Lake City has some sweet new-ish photographersCheck em out…looks like they are offering killer deals for their amazing skills.

{pics by Kanzlerfoto}

Side Note:  The cute chick pictured above was my other amazing personal attendant…she did things like use her steller handwriting to address ALL our invites?!  …oh and basically showed me the world of make-up beyond mascara and powder…among many other things.

Alright ya’ll…have a good weekend!  Do yourself a favor and watch some football!!

* ‘Harvin a Good Time’ is my fantasy football team’s name..recycled from last year…when I was Champion.  booyah!

Friday Hodgepodge

so remember when I used to post these??  haha…yeah that happened all of like 2 fridays…oh well…it is Friday…and so bring on the Hodgepodge!

A lot has been going on in the land of wedding planning…yesterday we reached the 100-days-till mark…which means we are now in the double digits!  eeeek!  Not only that…but work and everything else has been crazy busy as well…which may or may not be to blame for my lack of posting.  So with that…I’ll just touch on a few recent things and hopefully find time to dig deeper into them in later posts 🙂

* So when I went back home I had my bridal shower!  …and because I’m lazy and don’t want to re-post…you can read about it here.

* Also back home I met with our florist…and since I didn’t go in with a “I MUST HAVE THIS FLOWER!!!!!!” attitude I got to hear her suggestions and we just sorta came up with stuff as we went along!  I think everything is going to look great…I’m not really worried at all.  I still need to gather some photos to send her of bouquets, bouts, jars… so she can have a better idea of what I’m after when it comes time to putting things together.

* I also met with our pastor and went over some readings/stuff that we want to include in our ceremony…I think it will shape up to be pretty awesome!  I’m excited to work more on this and make it personal to us and memorable for our guests!

* I went looking for shoes for a bit…and stumbled upon these…

but in grey…love them!  I tried to get my sister to buy them to wear with her BM dress…but apparently the heel isn’t high enough.  Yeah we’ll see how she feels about that when she is sinking into the grass…teenagers.  Anyways…I like them and they DO come in a plum color

…but I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s just me but this almost looks more “berry” than “plum”.  Perhaps it is just my screen…and in real life they are more of a purple color.  So anyways…the shoe hunt is still on…I’m considering just buying a few pairs online and trying them on…and then returning the ones I don’t like.  I’m just not seeing much that I like in the stores I’ve been too….at least not for a reasonable price.  (oh and I’m considering finding a cute pair of flats to wear once my feet get tired…which I’m sure they will)

*  After I find shoes I’m making a B-line for the dress store where my dress currently lives..all alone…so I can get that sucker sized!  I have this weird fear that the lady is gonna say…”um yeah…we can’t alter that to fit you”…I know…lame…but this is what I fear.  Thus the sooner I can get shoes and get the dress fitted…the better.

*  I am one proof away from finalizing the invites.  There was something about the first proof that just didn’t look right…and then the second proof made the first look much better…ugh…decisions.  Don’t worry…as soon as these are finalized, ordered, addressed, and sent out I will reveal them!!  (Sorry…it might be a month or two…just saying)

OK SO ENOUGH ABOUT WEDDING STUFF…it seriously is taking over my life!!!

Let’s talk about fun non-wedding related things shall we!

Last weekend a bunch of Lance’s guy friends were in town…it was great to see them all again…and all at the same time!  On Saturday we all went skiing up at Snowbird.

us looking awesome in our grey hats…(I knit mine btw!)

You might find this hard to believe…but even though the resorts are a mere 20mins from our house…we never go.  I guess I just never really got into it…never mind it is one of the most expensive hobbies I think a person can have…I mean $50+ for a lift ticket!?  And don’t forget all the stuff you need…like $100+ snow pants, coats, and $70 gloves.  I mean whoever is making this stuff is seriously rolling in dough.  I think I’ll just stick to my $100 pair of running shoes every 6 months.  But it was still fun…even though I spent a majority of my time on the chickadee slope…and then when I attempted a ‘green’ one…I fell and got laughed at by all the 6yr olds flying by me…ok not really but I’m pretty sure they were laughing in their heads.

All in all it was a fun weekend that ended with me getting to meet a blogger in real human form!!  Abbie!! She was in town with her friend to do a little Ikea shopping…ya know…the place where you justify buying a giant Wok…even though you rarely make wok-esq food… just b/c it is $7!  You can read about her account of the trip here…including a scary accident we wittnessed!  Crazy Utah drivers!!!

We went and had dinner at one of my favorite local eateries…The Porcupine…they have a wide selection of local brews on tap (pry cause you can’t get away with having normal beer on tap here in UT) which is why I love going there…oh and their food is pretty good too 🙂  Anyways…we talked about wedding stuff…non-wedding stuff…random life stuff…funny stuff…and then dinner was over and it was time to go!

Abbie left me with 2 big boxes of mason jars (hooray!) and after I dropped her and her friend off I was pretty sure she would never email me again!  haha!  I was pretty nervous about meeting her…kinda like going on a first date!  We had been emailing/commenting back and forth for quite some time so when it came to actually meeting I was worried she would think I was a total nerd …or super lame.

But all was well (minus my crazy driving) and it was so fun to finally get to meet her…she is just as cute and as fun in person as she is on her blog…actually even more so if you ask me!  I’m jealous of her short hair…I can’t wait to chop mine post-wedding!!  Hopefully our paths cross again and we can meet up another time…but until then we always have email and the internets!!

OK somehow this post become less hodgepodge-y and picture-y…and more just me blabbing.  So I will cut myself off and update you on knitting and running stuff later!  (YES I still do both!)  Oh and how I failed my final test for the push-up challenge (only 60!  wtf!)…no worries…I’m not giving up that quickily 🙂

Friday Hodgepodge


Well on Tuesday I commited to this:



I mentioned this race in a post way-back-when as a possible suspect…and indeed Lance and I are doing it…and one of my friends C is too!!  The scenery will be absolutely gorgeous…remember this pic


I’m going to try and be like the hula girls loving life while they run…but chances are I will likely be the girl way to the left in the blue…who just looks annoyed that the hula girls are having so much fun…running 13.1 miles.  Either way I’m looking forward to it…and glad I’ll actually have some running partners this time!

Its not until October but I wanted to register right away because of this:


thats right…a pint glass.. for FREE YO!  I collect pint glasses…its my one thing I always buy on trips..usually from a local brewery….so when I saw this it was a no brainer!

(all above pics from here)


I finished my slippers and felted them…and they FINALLY dried enough that I can wear them!!  YIPPY!  These slippers are by far my favorite ever …that is until I wear them out and they get holes.  I’ll try and snap some pics and get them posted….along with another secret Bday gift I’m knitting for a friend who’s Bday is tomorrow!!  Which means I need to get a move on and finish!!

Get Hitched:

As if I don’t post enough about weddings…  I’ll just show some pretty pictures from a recent wedding…by who else but Khara our photographer!!





check out more here!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

(Happy Mother’s Day Mom!)