About Me

Well Hello!  I’m Steph.



I started this little blog back in 2008 shortly after getting engaged as a way to collect and share all the wedding planning madness with friends and family far away. (This was before Pinterest was a thing…I know so 2000s right?!).  I also was an avid knitter and just getting into running at the time too.  So I felt the title “Run, Knit, Get Hitched” was quite fitting.

Fast forward to June 2010…Married!


A week later we closed on our first house and my mind was quickly consumed with turning our 1970s split-level house into our home.  After a year and a half of married fun…we decided it was time to start populating the world with mini versions of us.



On October 22nd 2012 we welcomed our son Jack into this world. Our lives changed forever.



Then we decided that since we made one pretty cute kid we better make another one.  We found out we were expecting in January of 2015 and a few short months later we packed up our house in Utah and headed to Kansas to be closer to family!  On October 3rd 2015 (what can I say we’re good at making October babies) we welcomed little Allison to our family.




After starting this blog 7 years ago I’ve become a Wife and a Mother…two roles I couldn’t be more proud of.  I still knit when I get a chance…and run too…but mostly my life is all bout these two little red heads.  I hope you’ll stick around for my occasional drop by!



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