Daily Dime – A Royals Game

Taking advantage of a new link-up to post 10-pics from our first Royals game as a family this year!

10 pics, one day: 

Feeling pretty confident in our parenting game as we strolled into Kauffman Stadium…both kids napped on the way and everyone was in good spirits!


Made it to our seats and enjoyed the first inning before the rain began…

Which eventually turned into a 2hr rain delay…ugh.  We debated leaving several times but decided to stick it out for a bit and made our way around the stadium in an attempt to keep the kids entertained.

Thankfully they pulled the tarp back just as we were reaching the end of our patience…so we grabbed a couple beers and made our way back to our seats.


As we neared the 4hour mark the kids were starting to unravel…

So we packed it up and headed home.  The Royals were down by quite a few so we didn’t miss much.  Even with the rain delay it ended up being a pretty fun trip to the K!

Linking up with Sarah and the other hosts of The Daily Dime!

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6 thoughts on “Daily Dime – A Royals Game

  1. Thanks for linking up, friend! I love that you recapped ten photos from the Royals game! And I’m super impressed your kids lasted through the whole rain delay. Thank goodness for the Little K! And beer. Most definitely beer. Happy hump day!

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