Noah’s Bandage Project

A few weeks ago Brittany (Just Another Day in Paradise) sent out an email to several bloggers asking for help.  Last summer her neighbors lost their son to cancer.  That little boy’s name was Noah, and before he passed he started something pretty amazing…Noah’s Bandage Project.

From the website:  “Noah’s Bandage Project has two goals – 1) to help provide cool and fun bandages to kids that need them, and 2) to help raise funds for pediatric cancer research”


Seeing how September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month, Brittany wanted to see if some of us bloggers would be willing to pitch in and donate some bandaids to Noah’s project and help bring awareness to pediatric cancer research by posting about it.  I mean…that girl just had her 3rd baby and is on maternity leave and she still thinks about how she can help other people…that is some serious heart right there.  How could I say no?  After watching this video (and shedding all the tears) I was ready to buy bandaids by the truckload.


My heart goes out to Noah’s family…what an inspiring little boy Noah was…and how amazing it is that his legacy will live on through this wonderful project he started.


I was afraid that Jack would want to keep all the cool bandaids for himself (the kid is addicted) but after I explained to him how this little boy Noah, who also loves the Royals, needed the bandaids to help some sick kids in the hospital…he was ALL about it.  He was certain that some sick little boys would like the batman bandaids, and maybe even some girls too.  Every other word out of his mouth may be “toot” and “poop” these days but somewhere in there he has a kind heart.


If you want to learn more about Noah’s Bandage Project you can check out the website, and if you also want to help in some way here are some details:

  • Bandaids cannot be sent directly to hospitals, as they are hospital supplies, so funneling them through NBP is the way to go!
  • Monetary donations are also always welcome – the Wilson’s are working to increase the lack of funding there is nationwide for pediatric research (only 4% currently!!!).  So far, they have raised $100K and that number continues to grow (donations can be made on their
  • If you’d like to send bandaids to them, here is the PO address where they collect them:
    • Noah’s Bandage Project
      119 N Parker Street Suite 110
      Olathe, KS 66061

2 thoughts on “Noah’s Bandage Project

  1. Glad to know my boys aren’t the only ones obsessed with the words toot and poop. And with another boy coming, I better get used to it because it may not change for about 18 years (or, who am I kidding, ever!). Love that Jack was so willing to donate his bandaids to the sick boys AND girls!

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