Herringbone Cowl

Sometimes a knitting project turns into more than just another WIP.  Sometimes you start a project never knowing when or if you’ll finish it and how much life you’ll live in between…creating an emotional attachment you never saw coming. For me that project was the Herringbone Cowl.


Thanks to this Instagram post circa Feb 2013, I know exactly when this beast of a project began.  I remember it was right around the time the newborn fog (from Jack) began to lift…and I needed something to make me feel like ME again.  Something that I could concentrate on and lose myself in…to escape the mom life for just a moment and revel in my pre-mom self.

I vividly remember having an hour before I  needed to go to bed that night and literally taking up the ENTIRE HOUR to cast on….because every time my guess as to how much yarn I would need for the long tail cast-on was off…which meant starting over.  I think it took 3 times before I finally got all 220 of those stitches on the circular needle.


From then I would work on it whenever I felt the urge to knit.  Often it would go months untouched…but never forgotten.  If you scroll through my instagram feed you’ll notice it makes an appearance from time to time.  It came on trips with me just in case I got a minute (only to be left in the bag untouched more often than not). Sometimes I would get it out only to complete half a round before getting distracted by social media or intense text convos with friends.

The pattern is not a hard one once you get the hang of it…the same stitch over and over, alternating by round…it became addicting.  It was easy to pick up and knit a couple rounds and then put away for a couple months…which is why in the end I think I ended up finishing it.


As so often happens in the fall and the start of football season…I got the urge to knit and so to the cowl I went.  I knit a round and then decided to measure to see how much further I had to go.  Except I didn’t have any further to go…I had completed the suggested thickness…it was done.  I had an overwhelming rush of pride hit me in that moment.



To me it’s not just another knitting project checked off the list or just another cowl to warm my neck this winter…it’s so much more than that.  It’s a symbol of everything I’ve been through these past four years.  From the scary early days of motherhood to feeling more comfortable and owning my mom-hood (and adding a little girl to our clan)…from our little family of 3 budding in Salt Lake City to our beautiful family of 4 blossoming here in Kansas City.

Of course now I’m faced with an even bigger issue…what to put on the needles next.



One thought on “Herringbone Cowl

  1. This is so funny, but I love even more that there’s special meaning behind it! It looks great and just in time for the cooler weather. Errrrr, or not. Seriously KC, 90 degrees?! This makes me wish I could knit, but trust me when I say I can’t! A really patient neighbor tried to teach me last winter and it was a total bust! (Sorry if there are double comments. My first comment didn’t seem to post!)

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