Summer so far

Every year it happens.  The count down till summer starts early in the dark, cold days of February.  Spring brings a mix of both chilly and pleasant days and the anticipation builds.  Then finally summer officially arrives…only it happens so fast and furious that by the time you finally declare its’ presence it is already half way over.  It’s only a matter of time before the white raven arrives and winter is officially here.

Here’s a little glimpse at what we’ve been up to so far this summer…


One of the main reasons for moving closer to home is that we now have the ability to make quick weekend trips up to Nebraska to see and spend time with my family.  So back in May we headed up to celebrate my cousin’s high school graduation which involved a live band and Zipline kegs.  We spent Saturday morning at the Farmer’s market in Lincoln and met my BFF and her daughter at the Husker baseball game that afternoon.

(pics: 1| my siblings at the graduation party, 2| a flight of beers from Moran’s liquor store tap room (why don’t all liquor stores have this?!  My new favorite thing!) 3| Husker baseball game selfie 4| Jack in front of Haymarket park)

Image (1)

My Mom and Aunt visited us over Memorial weekend and we used it as an excuse to explore some places in KC we haven’t gotten to yet.  It was a train filled weekend with a trip to the train garden at the Overland Park Arboretum on Saturday and then Union Station on Sunday.  Jack was a big fan of both!  On Saturday night my Mom, Aunt, and I did a little wine tasting drinking at Stone Pillar Vineyard.   I asked the girl helping us about their Friday night live music events and she assured me it was family friendly and casual…and then gave me 2 free passes so we can check it out before the summer is over!

Image (2)

Jack started TBall a couple weeks ago and oh man…I wasn’t sure what to expect but given his recent obsession with the Royals and all things baseball I figured he would like it.  And so far he does.  It’s pretty much the best thing ever watching 3-4 year olds “play” any sort of sport.  So much whining and crying and kids doing random things….I love it.  Such a train wreck.  Quality entertainment right there.

(pics: 1| Jack at Tball 2| Doing “funny faces” on Snapchat (@stephavey)  3| Allison sitting in the cart like a big girl for the first time! 4| Jack at the Royal’s game on Father’s Day)

Image (3)

Of course I’ve had my share of drinks this summer…to make up for the lack of last summer 😉  I even made it to Zipline a couple weekends ago with my sisters…even though they don’t drink beer I’m glad they indulged my obsession with local craft beers and came along.

As much as we’ve already done this summer it still feels like we have so much more to do! We’re heading up to North Dakota this coming weekend for a week with Lance’s family. We’ll be celebrating the 4th up there and then the following weekend heading to his family reunion on the farm.  Lance has a ton of cousins and lots of new littles that we haven’t met yet…so it should be a fun time!  (I’ll be sure to share lots of pics on Instagram and  perhaps Snapchat if I’m feeling crazy…so add me if you’re into that sort of thing)

This will also be our first flight as a family of four and Allison’s first flight altogether!  I’m a tad nervous to say the least.  We flew a bunch with Jack when we lived in Salt Lake and every time I was a nervous wreck and packed the entire house in my carry on.  I forget what it’s like to fly with an 8mo old…but her favorite things right now are trying to crawl and eating paper…so ya know…should be great.  Here’s hoping I don’t have a nervous breakdown somewhere over South Dakota…and that Delta has the booze cart fully stocked.



2 thoughts on “Summer so far

  1. You’re making me jealous with all the beer/wine pictures!! I know I’ll be able to drink again soon enough but that is the hardest part of pregnancy for me! Where do you guys do t-ball? We are doing Mini & Me baseball through Olathe Parks & Rec right now, but it’s more skill-building and less playing an actual game. However, I just signed up Brantley for fall ball through 3&2 and I’m so excited to watch them play legit games! And boo hoo for summer being half over already! Your first paragraph is so true!!

  2. Yay for being closer to family! We just got done with our 1st t-ball season and it was totally hilarious. Soccer is coming up this fall, and I seriously cannot wait!

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