#BoyMom Box Swap

Before I had kids I always envisioned myself as a boy mom.  I was never much of a girly girl.  Throughout high school and college I had more male friends than close girl friends.  I liked sports and beer…not celebs and nail polish.  So when Jack ended up being…well Jack…I was pretty stoked.    Of course it didn’t take long to learn what being a boy mom actually meant…pee everywhere.

Even though I’m now the mom of a little girl as well…I wear my #boymom badge proudly.  Well most of the time anyways.  I also find connecting with other boy moms to be invaluable…because let’s face it…some stuff is just boy specific and can only be understood by those who have been there before.

So when fellow boy mom Sarah (who will be upgraded to the #boymom lifetime achievement award this coming fall) posted about hosting a #BoyMom box swap with fellow bloggers Stephanie and Elizabeth..I couldn’t resist!  Jack loves getting stuff in the mail so I knew he would be all about it…and I love putting little gifts together for other people so win-win!


We were paired with Brittany over at Just Another Day in Paradise and her son Charlie!  I was pretty excited to see I got paired with Brittany because hello…she’s from KC and I’ve been a faithful follower of her blog for some time now.  In addition to Charlie (who is almost 4) she has a little girl (Maddie) and another (surprise gender!) on the way!  Super mom for sure!  She’s pretty busy prepping for that baby #3 right now but hopefully when things calm down we’ll be able to meet up in person and become instant BFFs….er I mean mom friends 😉


Jack had so much fun opening the box and tore right through it before I really knew what was happening (hence the blurry photos).  He kept saying “oh my gosh Mom look!”  Brittany and Charlie spoiled Jack with a new Rubble Paw Patrol toy (he’s obsessed with that show and all things PP…if you’re lucky enough to also have a PP obsessed child do yourself a favor and go read this.) a giant bag of Dum Dum suckers, and a Royals ball.  It wasn’t until about an hour later when Jack was walking around eating a bag of Doritos that I realized those were part of the box as well.  Kids!


Of course the first thing Jack wanted to do was eat the entire bag of Dum Dums…nice try kiddo.  Then he threw the Royals ball at the cats while I wrestled with Rubble’s packaging…you win again Paw Patrol.


Jack had a lot of fun making Rubble scoop things up and insisted I take a picture EVERY TIME.


Needless to say…the box was a huge hit and Jack loved the little gifts Brittany and Charlie picked out for him.  The Royal’s ball has even made the ride to daycare a couple times so far which is only for the “best of the best” of his toys.

They also included a little something for me too which was really sweet!


I am a sucker for everything in the Target dollar spot but have a particularly hard time resisting ALL THE STATIONARY things.  So obviously the to-do list and binder clips are perfect and give me giant emoji heart-eyes.  Oh and STARBUCKS…no explanation needed.

So thanks again to Brittany and Charlie for putting together such a fun box for us!! (Go check out what we sent them here!!)  And thanks to the hosts for putting this little swap together!



6 thoughts on “#BoyMom Box Swap

  1. I was dying to be a boy mom too, and was so relieved when he turned out to be one! And yes, pee EVERYWHERE. I clean the toilet so much, I think diapers was easier! We love Paw Patrol over here too, and Rubble is my favorite!

  2. I love that you said that Sarah’s going to have the boy mom lifetime achievement award! I told her #boymomforlife lol. Both are so true! But really, Sarah sent you guys the best stuff! Mason LOVES Paw Patrol too and would be all about the Rubble toy! So sweet Jack wanted to scoop everything and have you take a picture!

  3. YEAH! I’m just so happy we got paired together and Jack loved his goodies 🙂 I’m sorry for the HUGE bag of suckers – but we always have suckers in our house, in my purse, everywhere – they are my key bribery tool with Maddie! Ha! And I’m dying to use the Black Dog gift card – I’m thinking it might need to be me and baby #3’s first solo outing together?!?! Can’t wait to meet up soon!

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