Friday Hodgepodge

Five hodgepodge things from me to you…here we go!


My child has stellar fashion sense…clearly.

(1) Thought of the week:

I’ve decided 90% of parenting is just trying to convince my kids to do things I love while they fight back like evil little ninjas.

  1. Eat.  Seriously….just f’n eat your food.  No cookies and candy do not count and No you do not NEED a snack every single night before you can go to sleep.  I mean I would kill for your diet of mac-n-cheese and french fries…and your metabolism.  Suck it up now before you get old and every time you look at a piece of pizza you automatically gain 10lbs.
  2. Sleep.  FOR THE LOVE!!  I wish someone would wrap me up in a nice blanket, read me stories and make sure my environment is completely perfect before sending me off to dream land….but no.  I have to sleep next to your dad who falls asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow and immediately starts snoring.  Then once I do fall asleep I have to wake up every couple hours to “touch up” your environment so you can once again sleep for 20mins.
  3. Get Dressed.  Why must getting dressed be such an undertaking?!  Like you could literally put on ANYTHING and no one will care…no one.  I’m not even asking you to put on jeans and a cute shirt…just pick out one of the 5 shirts you will actually wear and your favorite holy sweatpants and LET’S GO!
  4. Alone Time.  Is it really too much to ask for you to sit and play BY YOURSELF for 30mins?!  Heck I’d even take a solid 15!  I wish someone would force me to spend an hour in my bedroom ALL ALONE.  Just think of the possibilities!!!   The books I could read!  The things I could knit!  The episodes of Vanderpump Rules I could watch!!

(2) Link of the week:

Why “Free Time” when you have kids doesn’t actually exist…like ever…not even when they start school.  Cue ugly cry face!


(3) Tweet of the week:

Seriously though.  I also find I look much skinnier and less pale in store dressing rooms and then I get home and realize nope…nope I do in fact look like shit.


(4) Beer of the week:


Buffalo Commons Windblown Wheat

The in-laws are visiting this weekend and my Brother in law brought me beer from the little brewery in their hometown.  It’s like he knows me or something.

(5) Song of the week:

Fifth Harmony – Work From Home

“put in work like my timesheet”

OK yes this song is NOT actually about WORKING from home I know…but I still can’t help but sing the chorus over and over when I am…in reality….working from home.  It’s also a current favorite song for running….which I’ve been attempting to do more regularly these days.

Happy Friday all!



2 thoughts on “Friday Hodgepodge

    1. I don’t think I’ve actually watched one full episode but I catch 15-20min segments from random episodes while I make/eat lunch…I pretty much only know one person’s name but I’m addicted! haha!

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