Be Royal


While today is officially “opening day” of the MLB season last night the Royals kicked off their Championship-defending season with a victory over the Mets!  The weather was beautiful all weekend and while we couldn’t make it to the K for the first game..that didn’t stop us from getting decked out in our Royals gear (like the rest of the town) and enjoying a beer in the backyard.



Now while it may seem like we jumped on the bandwagon after moving here…I will argue that I came to several games back in college…during the Mike Sweeney era and “Juntos Podemos” days with Tony Pena.  Buck nights, powder blue tees, and Trucker Hat giveaways were my jam.  Then I moved and met Lance…who was an avid baseball fan of both the Twins and Yankees.


I did my best to keep up with the boys in blue but it was hard when they were never on TV where we lived.  That all changed in 2014 as they made their run toward the playoffs and eventually the World Series!  Even Lance got swept up in the excitement and cheered them on that fall.  So you could say it was kinda nuts when we ended up moving here the following summer and wouldn’t you know it…they go and win the World Series!  Coincidence?  I think not.


In fact one the biggest things we looked forward to about moving to KC is that it is a baseball town AND a football town.  Football may be our first sports love (and what brought us together) but we always talked about how much fun it would be to live in a baseball town and spend summer days tailgating in the parking lot and nights cheering on the team in the stands…cold beer and peanuts in hand.  (In fact as you’ll see below, going to baseball games together has always been a part of our relationship!)




As Jack has gotten older he has become increasinly more interested in sports.  He learned every team in the NFL this past fall and could tell you who was playing on TV during the different games.  His excitement seems to be just as big for baseball again this year and we’re already working on getting him to know all the MLB teams. #parentinggoals



But of course his #1 team is the Royals.  His daycare had “Royals days” almost weekly last summer/fall when they made their Champinship run and Jack has several of his favorite player’s tees (Hosmer, Gordon, Salvy) all ready to go again for this year.  He’s super excited to be going to a game with Dad and the grandparents this coming Friday night!  I’ll be home with Allison but I can’t wait to hear all about it from him…I know he’s going to love it.


Linking up with these ladies today…who also get excited for baseball season and torture their kids to take photos together.

Graphic - Hooray it's Opening Day

Oh and just because I thought it would be fun…I dug up some photos of different stadiums/games I’ve been to in the past!  What can I say…I’m a sucker for a good ballpark dog and the Kiss Cam.



PicMonkey Collage


Some notes that popped into my head as I put these together…

  • That New York game was during the last season in their old stadium…and it was a game vs who else but The Royals!  ONLY reason I was wearing NY gear is b/c we were cheering on former Nebraska pitcher Joba Chamberlain…and Lance didn’t want me to get beat up.
  • I haven’t actually been to a game at Fenway yet…we just did the tour when we made a quick trip there.  Still need to get back and see a game there!
  • When I lived out east I met up with some girlfriends in Chicago for my first Wrigleyville experience and it was AWESOME…like I’m too old for that scene now but it was SO FUN.  By far one of my favorite baseball memories.
  • There is a pretty notorious story on my part that goes with that Nationals game…Lance still makes fun of me for it.
  • I was pregnant with Jack (~13/14 wks) at that Twins game…and it was by far the best seats we’ve ever had at a major league game.
  • The San Fran game was in the middle of July and SO COLD!!

6 thoughts on “Be Royal

  1. Oh yes, we do love to torture our kids with these photos too :). And how fun to have gone to that many stadiums. We are mets fans and I’ve been to Mets, Yankees (the new one), Phillies, and Giants stadiums. The prettiest was Giants stadium in my opinion.

  2. Trucker hat giveaways…YES!! I miss those days when it was super cheap to go to a Royals game, but I guess I’d rather have the world series champs 😉 Your kids are darling!!

  3. Torture their kids to take photos…bahahaha! Sounds about right though! I love that you’ve been to so many baseball stadiums and I love your history with the Royals!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! You’ve been to so many stadiums! I’m so jealous… as is my husband! His dream is to go to all of the stadiums and see a baseball game and you’re more than halfway there!
    The kids are SO cute in their Royals gear! I didn’t know they had their own beer too but that’s pretty cool!

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