Friday Hodgepodge

You guys…I’m kicking it back to the OG blog.  Remember when I did these?!  I’m working on a post that is more “feel-y” but since I have no one to talk to all day while I work from home…I need an outlet for my random thoughts and crap I find on the internet.  You’re welcome.

Five hodgepodge things from me to you…here we go!

(1) Thought of the week:

I live in constant fear that daycare will call and tell me to pick up one of my “sick” kids.

Jack came home from daycare last Friday with a fever…which turned into a 5 day evil stomach bug.  I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say diapers were brought back (no shame) and I may never eat chocolate pudding again.  By Monday kid was fever free but we kept him home that day…and the next…because of the um…mess.

This marks the 4th time in the last 6ish weeks that I’ve had to keep one of our children home from daycare for 1+ days.  We had the pink-eye-that-wasn’t, the post-lunch-vomit which lead to nothing but another day home with Mom, the RSV (legit…poor baby girl), and now this evil rotavirus thing.  I’m over it.  I’m also that Mom that will drug my kid up in the morning to keep any sign of a fever at bay…just in case.  This all leads me to…

(2) Link of the week:

For the working Mom with sick kids.


(3) Tweet of the week:


Man I love me some pissed off Cersei.  Thanks to buzzfeed for explaining all the scenes because SO MUCH HAPPENING!!!!  GAH! 6 WEEKS! #youknownothingjonsnow

(4) Beer of the week:


Since moving to Kansas we’ve been mostly enjoying and trying out the local beers…but for some reason Lance picked up a six pack of Easy Street the other day and I must say it went down pretty easy Tuesday night after a LONG DAY home with Jack.

(5) Song of the week:

Flo Rida – My House

“Open  up the champagne…POP!”

Jack has declared this song “Dad’s Jam”…we may have had a couple much needed dance parties in the kitchen this week to this song.


Happy Friday!




2 thoughts on “Friday Hodgepodge

  1. Ummmm this type of post is amazing! I may be stealing it! And my apologies for not emailing you back yet! End of the quarter meant lots of grading…and then we got a sick kid.

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