Oh hello

Hello internets.  It’s been a while…according to my stats almost a year but closer to 10 months.  Turns out a lot can happen in 10 months:

Like finding out you’re pregnant…


Start to grow a bump…


Oh and ya know…decide to move closer to home and put your house up for sale…


and go under contract within 2 days…so scramble to pack up said house and start the process of buying another one in a different state.


Find out IT’S A GIRL!!


Say peace out to Utah and our first home…


Spend the month of July living with family in Nebraska…


Finally get into our (very brown) house in JoCo KANSAS!   Greeted by these bad boys again…


Enjoy lots of family visits and our first Royals game as residents!


Continue to grow that baby girl bump…


and start working on the nursery…slowly getting rid of all the beige/brown in this house.


That about covers it…it’s been a crazy several months…and even crazier summer.  Now here we are on the first day of Fall…and (most likely) a couple weeks from meeting our baby girl.  I hope to be back with some thoughts on that…so if you’re still out there checking here…hello again!!

(oh and you can follow me on instagram…in case I don’t come back for another 10 months)


One thought on “Oh hello

  1. Found your blog link through IG so now I’m catching up! Where in JoCo did you move to? We have a few things in common–married in 2010, first babies in 2012, and now our hair dresser! 😉

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