Things I’m Loving Lately

Oh hey!  It’s me!  I’ve decided to come out of hiding to share a few things that I’m loving lately…in no particular order:



If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet…you need to.  After seeing references to it via twitter and instagram…I decided to finally download the first episode to listen to on the way to work one day…as a break from the BYU loving local sports talk.  By noon the same day I had listened to all but one of the episodes.  It’s addicting…like you’ll want to binge listen to it once you start…so you may as well just download all the available episodes from the get-go.  It’s a non-fiction story told week-by-week…the murder of a high school girl in 1999.  New episodes come out every Thursday and I force myself to wait till my drive home to listen to it…it’s pure torture!

Dad is Fat (and audio books in general)


In an attempt to lighten the mood between Serial episodes…I’ve been listening to Jim Gaffigan’s book, “Dad is Fat” to/from work.  The audio version is read by Jim himself so it’s basically like listening to a stand-up act.  The guy has 5 kids…I can’t even imagine.  His analogies are so spot on…I laugh a lot…I’m sure people in the cars next to me think I’m insane.  I’m not sure why it took me so long to tap into this gold mine that is audio-books.  I guess I always associated them with old people.  My friend Shelley listened to a lot of the Harry Potter books this way and I would secretly laugh and think “ya grandma!”…but turns out she was a genius.  I’m also fortunate that our local library system is top notch…I get overly giddy when I scroll through the audio-book options…just have to decide what I want to listen to next!!


Tank 7




I think everyone remembers their first legal beer purchase…mine was a sixer of Boulevard wheat at midnight on the eve of my 21st.  I remember taking a break from studying for a calc test the next day (yes i was a nerd) and driving to the store with my friend in our sweats to make this all important first purchase.  I can’t tell you what the 2nd legal purchase I ever made was…but that first one will always stick with me.  You see Boulevard Wheat was my “gateway beer” to craft beer…so I’ll always associate Boulevard as my first “beer love”.   Fast forward several years and here I am in Utah with no Boulevard Wheat in site.  However…a couple select beers are available…and Tank 7 just happens to be one of them.  It’s a great late summer beer and pairs nicely with cheering on the Royals through the playoffs.



(no pic b/c i’m not sure the etiquette on posting someone else’s instagram…)

If you have a toddler and instagram (obviously if you have a child you have instagram…i mean how else do you annoy people with constant pictures of your child?!) and you like to laugh….well then what are you waiting for?  Get your follow on!  Via the genius of Mommy Shorts so you know it’s funny.


Mindy Kaling


Yes the person…I know it’s a tad stalkerish.  Whatever.  I always thought she was annoying on The Office…but I decided to give her show The Mindy Project a try when it debuted a couple years ago.  Now in its’ 3rd season it’s one of the few comedies I laugh out loud to.  I’m not the type to follow celebrities on twitter or read US Weekly but I started following her twitter…and soon after her Instagram.  That’s when my full on celebrity crush began.  She’s the shit.  She is funny, honest, and totally owns her curves and McDonalds addiction…I love it! I love her! …er I mean she’s pretty cool….for a celebrity.



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