Stitch (and bitch) Fix

So I signed up for StitchFix ….I’m pretty sure Lance is still confused about what it is because he refers to it as Stitch-n-Bitch.  (because of the book?! no idea.)  But whatever…it prompted this post that includes BOTH bitching and stitch-fixing. You’re welcome.

So first let’s go ahead and get the bitching out of the way… the HELL that is the “Hand, Foot & Mouth virus”  (the name actually ends in disease but then it sounds all 3rd world scary to me…but then again it does suck ass so maybe disease is the best way to put it).  You throw a bunch of grubby toddlers that chew on EVERYTHING in one room and it’s bound to happen.  Oh the joys of daycare.

It started out as an innocent fever and a very calm/mellow Jack…which was all “awwwwww cute snugly-bug buddy” on Sunday (Mother’s Day!) and quickly morphed into the “I’m never sleeping again or eating or drinking anything EVER so you can freak out and constantly think I’m dehydrated” NIGHTMARE!!  You guys…18mo old humans do not grasp the concept of a sore throat.  They assume ALL food and EVERY GLASS is the devil because PAIN!!!!!  But yet they are still hungry…and thirsty.  I spent the hours of 10pm-1am Monday evening trying to convince my child that water was not hot lava.  Then once he was willing to drink it…all hell broke loose because once again…PAIN!!!

photo 4
Get me out this crib yo

Then for added excitement Jack decided he didn’t want to sleep anywhere within a 5mile radius of his crib…or sleep at all for that matter.  The only time the crying stopped was when we were holding him and walking around… DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT SITTING DOWN BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Also blisters…everywhere.  Like why?!

Pure evilness.  Obviously the devil’s work.

So basically what I’m trying to say is…the following pics are kinda gross because my child is currently possessed by the devil and StichFix has this 3-day window where you gotta get that shit back in the mail or they take ALL THE MONEY and when i scheduled my “fix” I had no idea i would be trapped in said hell.

Real life is messy mirrors.


So here’s my first Fix.  And if you aren’t familiar with this service then you probably don’t subscribe to 1000 mom blogs like I do…it’s what the cool kids are doing these days!

(long story short…you get 5 items styled specifically for you…sent to you in a box that gets you all excited like a kid on Christmas (or me in a beer store)…then you can decide if you actually like anything they send you and pay for those items…and just return the stuff you don’t!) 

Now the price points on all of the items are more than I would normally pay for clothes.  HOWEVER…I DESPISE shopping for myself now…I’ve always had a certain disdain for the mall…but now that I have post-baby body and a crazy toddler the idea of spending my free time there to just BROWSE sounds like a prison sentence.  So I’m willing to pay for the convenience and it’s a “service” after all…nothing is free my friends.


My first impression with my items was that i LOVEEDDDD it all…and NO WAY will those jeans fit me.

Guess what…they did. (I’m wearing them in all the pics)  They are not black like they seem…but a dark navy which is the reason I decided to keep them.  They also have a high waist which is what I’m after these days thanks to all that extra flub around my midsection.  They are stretchy and not too long…which is something I have an issue with most jeans because…SHORT LEGS!

Jeans:  Kensie – Johnny Skinny Jean in Navy @ $88.00  Gah instant KEEP!  (also this is the most money i have ever spent on jeans…but since jean shopping is like right above shoving forks in my eyes on my list of things that aren’t enjoyable…I’ve made peace with it.)



First top:  Pomelo – Corinna Striped Heathered Dolman @ $48.00  Return

Now I alllmooossstt kept this top.  It’s super comfy, soft, has mid-length sleeves, and grey with stripes…this is like all the shirts in my closet put together.  Which is ultimately why I didn’t keep it.  One of the reasons I singed up for StitchFix is try something new to me or that I may not normally pick up and try on in the store.  So I liked the top…but didn’t keep it.


(this is my attempt to show the color of the jeans…i promise they aren’t black!)


Top 2:  Under Skies – Aiya Eyelet Detail Blouse @ $58.00  Return

My initial thought with this top is that I would like it…but once I put it on it just seemed too baggy and flowy for me.  This is a size medium and I wonder if maybe a small would have been a bit better.


You can see how it’s pretty long too.  It felt like a big PJ shirt and given the price is equivalent to my weekly wine bill…it was an easy return for me.  I’ll take more wine over a fancy white shirt thanks!

photo 2

Top 3:  Fun2Fun – Burgdorf Diamond Printed Henley Blouse @ $38.00  KEEP!

This top was the first one to really catch my eye when I pulled it out of the box.  I currently do not own a single “blouse” so this qualified in the “something new!” category.  The sleeves are a bit long but the style card has them rolled up…and once I tried that I instantly liked it even better.  The material is a nice light weight so I figure I can wear this during the summer months with a cute skirt.  Plus the navy of the shirt looks awesome with the navy in the jeans.  The only downside is the length in the back…

photo 3
devil-Jack photobomb. He was not pleased that I was not holding him.

It almost reaches the back of my knees.  Is this a thing now or am I just extra short?!  Anyways…I hear tucking-in is cool again.  I perfected the “tuck-in” with my Mossimo tees back in Jr High…so I’m pretty sure I got this.  Now I just need to find an excuse to wear it!  This is a bit too fancy for work…it will invoke lots of (why are you sooooo dressed up?!?!) questions from my Patagonia/Chaco wearing work mates.  So maybe a date night…or a trip to Target on a crazy Thursday night.

Oh and I got a necklace but never actually tried it on. It was basic and $34.00.  I’m not much of an accessory girl and even though I did request jewelry pieces “some of the time” this one just wasn’t for me.  If I’m gonna spend that kinda cash I want it to be like an outfit…so I can just wear one of my stained white or grey tees with it and call it fancy.

So there ya go.  Bitching and Stitch-fixing all in one post.

I’m also now considering becoming a fashion blogger** since my closet has some hip items in it.

(Also I should probably mention that the links to StitchFix are my referral link so if you want to sign up use it…that way I get to buy more things!!!)

**for a real fashion blogger check out my friend Abby’s blog…she’s got a lot more hip clothes than me and actually knows how to wear them.


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