Some Pics

You guys…Jack’s 1yr photo shoot did not exactly go as I had hoped.  I guess I should get used to this.

Instead of crawling around smiling, laughing, and hamming it up like the perfect little boy I envision him as…he was NOT HAVING IT.  As in…every time I tried to set him down so you know…we could get a picture of JUST HIM…he screamed bloody murder and grabbed onto me with a death grip.  30mins into it when he was STILL not cooperating I wanted to cry…pretty sure Sam thought I was a crazy mother who has no idea how to even make her child smile.  Ugh.  So it turned into a “Mom&Jack” photo shoot.

Here are a few of my favorites.











See that last one is pretty good of him right?!

Oh and here’s what I mean about clinging to me for dear life…



Another “Mom lesson” learned…things will not always go as planned…but try and roll with the punches and make the best of it.
And bring snacks…always.

*All photos by the lovely Sam Kelly.



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