1 Year

A year ago today we met Jack.


This past year has been the hardest of my life.  They say a mother’s love for her son is something fierce…and I get it now.  Although it took a little longer for me to develop that real strong bond with him…the love and joy he brings to my heart now grows at an exponential rate.  It’s indescribable the way his little looks make me feel…and when he tucks his head just so on my shoulder I want to stop time and never move from that moment.

Turns out…I’m not a baby person.  The 6 months mark was right around the time Jack’s personality really started to show…he became such a cool kid.  Being a Mom became fun…not just work.  Still hard yes (oh man is it still hard!) but fun too…enjoyable.  The last couple months have been even better.  We wrestle around on the floor.  We sing and yell.  We dance.  We chase each other.  We laugh.


Jack is Me in miniature form.  (and a boy..duh)  He has that spitfire redhead personality.  Lance evens us out…and one can only hope our next child is more like him…calm, relaxed, chill…or else he might have to move out.


Jack’s favorite things right now are (in no particular order):

blue blankie (although this is probably the top one)

Me…obviously (ok and Dad too)

pushing ALL THE THINGS around the house (his clothes basket being his first choice…activity table a close second)

The dishwasher…well actually the silverware in the dishwasher


Strawberries, grapes, and mac-n-cheese.

Pairs of things…and crawling with one in each hand.  (ie., pan lids, blocks, cups, socks, toy cars…)

Piles of magazines stacked on side tables…that he can one by one throw off and rip up.

Jack’s least favorite things right now:

Diaper changes and getting dressed/undressed.  (so dramatic!)

Taking naps

the Stroller (actually he has NEVER liked this)

Sitting in the cart at Target (only wants to stand and throw stuff around…makes for tricky shopping)



He doesn’t walk on his own yet…but he seems to be getting more steady and braver by the day.  He’ll get this look on his face like he wants to walk from one point to the next…but then he’ll drop down and crawl.  He is getting a lot better at standing on his own.  All these skills I feel like have gotten stronger over such a short period of time.  When he first started pulling up he was so wobbly and unbalanced…it’s amazing how quickly they change.  I still gasp a little when I see him standing independently.

I think our nursing days are over.  We had slowly gone down to just morning and night sessions…which i loved.  Then that turned into just morning sessions…and then the other day he refused…and my boobs didn’t mind.  So yeah…I think it’s over.  Man…breastfeeding was SO MUCH MORE than I thought it would be.  More work, more pain, more exhausting, more emotional…just all of it…MORE.  But it was good…at times very good…and worth it.  Oh so worth it.

Although that barely scratches the surface of the past 6+ months…it’s what’s on my mind now.  I wish I had updated here more often…but such is life.  I hope to drop in from time to time still…if anyone is still reading.

So with that…Happy Birthday handsome little man…I love you more than you’ll ever know.  You are my happy.




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