Jack 4-6+ months

Jack is over half a year old.  How did that happen?!  I meant to update sooner but there’s this thing called work I have to go to…oh and then I also have to take care of a small human who hates to sleep during the day.  So yeah…when I do get some time to myself I usually opt to just sit and stare at the TV and zone out with a glass of wine instead of doing more important things….like cleaning and shaving my legs.  Such is life.

So the past 3 months have been pretty great overall.  Each week day Jack seems to change and develop more into a tiny little person right before my eyes….it’s amazing and so so fun to watch.  This past month has probably been my favorite thus far.  The newborn phase is cool for like a week…then I’ll take this age please.  Jack is so aware of everything around him and it is so fun to watch him explore with all his senses.


The “big” story at 4 months was Jack starting daycare as I headed back to work full time.  No I haven’t been sobbing at my desk.  I still get Friday at home with Jack (Lance has Mondays) so really he’s only there 3 days out of the week…and somehow I think he wishes he was there EVERY DAY.  The kid loves it and the nursery ladies love him too…and every time I’ve picked him up he’s been just happy as a clam.  So that is a huge plus and makes going to work so much easier knowing he is in good hands.  The 4 days I do work are long though and I am usually racing to get home in time to put him to bed…which means I barely get 20mins of interaction with him on days I don’t pick  him up from daycare.


The other big story from 4 months (and continues to be…) is SLEEP.  Yep..the never ending battle.  Some days I swear I spend more time trying to get this little bugger to sleep then he actually sleeps.  To say it’s exhausting is an understatement.  As much as I hate to admit it…we’ve done a LOT of CIO in this house.  It’s not fun…but those of you that have been there know that sometimes it’s the only option left.  You know…unless I want to re-insert a pacifier every hour all night long and co-sleep till he’s 30.


We started with Ferber…then moved onto extinction…because it just wasn’t working.  Some nights it would…other nights it wouldn’t.  No “3 nights and it’s AMAZING SLEEP FOR EVERYONE” around here.  Then you throw in teething, wonder weeks, colds, and every other excuse in the book and here we are at 6 months and I still don’t feel like we’ve got it figured out.  He goes through phases of being easy to put down…to absolutely fighting it like a madman (45min+ screaming sessions)  Night wakings are tough too…some nights he’ll just fuss a little and put himself back to sleep…and some nights he’ll cry for an hour until I finally give in and give him the boob to put him back to sleep.  If we can make it from 7pm-4am w/out any issues/feedings…I consider it a good night the most amazing night ever.  If you try and give me advice I’ll punch you…I’ve heard it all.  We’ll get there…Jack just likes to do things at his own pace.   I’m slightly bitter toward people that have babies that sleep awesome from the get-go.  I just assume they’re lying to make myself feel better.

Oh and “naps”…haha.  30-45mins is the usual around here…3 times a day if we’re lucky.  They don’t come easy though.  Some days he will go down like a little baby angel and then I race around the house trying to do dishes/laundry/eat/shower all in that short time frame.  I’ve gotten crazy efficient at a lot of things and given up on others…like drying my hair and wearing clean clothes.


The good thing is Jack is generally a very a happy kid.  SO MUCH happier than those early months.  Smiles and squeals fill our awake time.  Happy Jack = Happy Momma!  He does have his moments though and my mind is sent racing back to the colic days…but thankfully those are few and far between.  Most of the time if he is fussy he just wants to be held.  I know soon enough he’ll be mobile and the last thing he’ll want is me to hold him and carry him around so I’m ok with it.  Plus it’s a pretty sweet work out for my arms…since actual working out is a thing of the past.  I also like the challenge of doing things one handed…keeps me on my toes.


Around the 5 month mark Jack’s personality really started to show.  I felt like I got to “know” him a lot more.  He suddenly looked around the room for me when I would talk…and then get this huge smile on his face once he found me.  There’s seriously no better feeling than that.  He also started doing this thing when we pick him up…he’ll scrunch his legs up and bury his little head into our shoulders.  I think that’s his version of a hug.  He also gives kisses…at least I think that’s what they are…or he’s just trying to eat my face which wouldn’t surprise me either.


Jack also woke up one day and discovered we have 2 cats!  He now will reach out and grab for them…look around for them and watch them as they move about the room.  I think he likes Mini the best…as evident in the photo below.  They have a  certain connection…probably because they both get cranky if they don’t get food at the exact second that they want it.




Jack started showing the signs of teething right around the 4 month mark.  He became a drooling machine!  And suddenly no finger/arm/toy was safe from his monster chomp.  Still I was a tad surprised when around 5 1/2 months his first little tooth poked through…and 3 days later the 2nd one made an appearance.  He now has 2 little bottom teeth…and I feel like the top two will be here before we know it.  My boobs are scared.



Jack has recently mastered sitting up…and it’s awesome.  I can now just plop him down with some toys and he’s happy to just play by himself for 30-40mins!  He gets frustrated when he pushes something out of his reach, but that just means he’ll be more determined to move and get it.  Watch out world.  He’s outgrown his swing, playmat, and bouncy seat so it’s time to pack them up…which makes me a little sad…but also happy that our living room will no longer resemble a baby obstacle course.


When Jack was about a week from his 6 month birthday we finally jumped on the solids bandwagon.  Our pediatrician gave us the go-ahead to start after his 4 month check-up but I just didn’t feel Jack was ready.  He hadn’t shown any of the “signs” and could care less when we ate.  So we waited and I started doing some research online about the whole solids adventure.  Then when Jack suddenly became very interested in us eating and could sit up pretty good assisted…we went out and got a highchair and fed him his first “real” food…avocado!  I don’t think he ate any of it…but after a week of trying some different purees he became an eating machine!  I’d like to do a mix of purees and BLW…more for convenience than anything…but we’ve mostly focused on the purees so far.  I feel a little overwhelmed by it all still and the few times we’ve given him big pieces of food (like the BLW method suggests) he’s taken giant bites and gagged…which freaks me out.  All part of the adventure I guess.


I think that about gets things up to speed in the Jack dept.  I’d like to do a post on ME 6 months postpartum…if I can find the time and energy to say all that I really want to say.  Becoming a Mom has been both the most amazing experience…and most challenging.  I’ve grown and changed in ways I didn’t expect and learned so much about myself.  Having a baby truly does change everything…and not just in the day-t0-day aspect…it’s all encompassing…even the most mundane things seem to be different now somehow.  Yet better in a way.



4 thoughts on “Jack 4-6+ months

  1. He’s so adorable! and so fun now too. I think he just likes to spend as much time with you as possible, you’re an amazing mom and keep on posting I need as much advice as possible!

  2. I’d give you some sleeping advice, but I have a 2 1/2 year old who doesn’t sleep through the night. So maybe you should just do everything the opposite of me…..

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