Jack at 3 Months


So it happened.  Just like “they” said it would…things got better.  We’ve moved into the range of normal baby crying/fussiness.  The crying seems much more focused now and I can calm him MUCH faster…so fast sometimes I feel like I’m being spoiled and a week from now BAM things will go back to how they were.  Always in a little state of fear I guess…never really comfortable enough to declare “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!”…because we all know once you do shit will hit the fan.

Swaddling…we’ve gone back to both arms down nice and tight.  This has made a WORLD of a difference in how quickly he goes to sleep…both with naps and at night.  The Halo Sleepsack is a godsend for nighttime…and the miracle blanket is perfect for when I need to get him to nap during the day.  Both of these things I bought before he was born and after a month into his life I hadn’t used them…I was sure it was money down the drain.  Not so…turns out I just gave up too soon.  Now they are money well spent indeed.  You can’t put a price tag on being able to calm your baby.


Jack has a lot more “happy times” now…and I spent the last two weeks of my maternity leave just gobbling up as many smiles and coos as I could.  He actually seems to enjoy tummy time and his play mat now…of course he gets bored after about 15mins but hey…it’s better than nothing!  He even rolled over at 11wks and I, mom of the year, caught it on video (thank you iphone!).




Another big thing happened this month…we’ve gone down to ONE night feeding.  I know this will not be it for good…growth spurts and fussy nights will happen.  But man those nights when Jack sleeps for 5-6 straight hours is like heaven.  Oh I should probably clarify that just because he only EATS once a night does not mean I’m up only once a night…oh no no no my friends…there are still trips between rooms at least 4-8 times each night.  Pacifier inserting, stomach patting, and ‘go back to sleep little man’ whispering…the kid is slowly learning to put himself back to sleep.  If he can’t on his own I’ve got Dr Ferber’s book on standby for when we need it.

We’ve got a pretty solid nighttime routine going now too.  Although Jack has absolutely NO interest in books yet…as soon as I say the words “Goodnight Moon” he starts crying…we never make it past “cats and their mittens” and I’m left in suspense every night.  So we’ll just wait a little longer and try again.

Things are pretty good over here…minus the whole “back to work” thing.  It is what it is.  Each month is truly an adventure with this little one…and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

One thought on “Jack at 3 Months

  1. I’m so glad things are getting easier! I feel like three months is a terrible time to go back to work. Maybe there’s not a great time, but it’s especially hard to think about when things are starting to get good.

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