Jack at 2 Months

Wow so I took a little longer break than intended.  While I had hoped to post monthly updates of Jack…it seems he’s already into his 3rd month of life and I have yet to post anything!  Honestly the last 2 months have been a bit of a blur.  You add a baby to your life and shit gets real.  It has been quite the learning process and just when you think you get things figured out…they change and you go back to the drawing board.


Jack on Halloween (9 days old)

I wouldn’t say Jack is a difficult baby…but the nasty word “colic” has been thrown around more than once by our pediatrician.  When you’re exhausted both emotionally and physically after a 4 hour non-stop crying session…it’s easy to blame colic and hope and pray that at the magic 12 week mark things will get better.  We’ve had a lot of difficult evenings.  Evenings that have taught me a lot about myself and Lance…and us as a couple.



But the good thing is those difficult evenings are almost always followed by happy mornings.  Mornings filled with smiles and coos…and that makes everything better.  Jack loves the mornings…just like his dad.  He also loves to eat and has become quite the little chunk.  Sleeping on the other hand…no so much.


I find myself doing things I never thought I would…like co-sleeping.  I’ve been a stickler about keeping Jack in his crib…but some nights it seems the only road to sanity (and sleep) is if he’s wrapped up in my arms.  Thankfully I am small enough to snuggle up in the rocking chair with him…we’ve spent several hours sleeping there too.  You do what works and what keeps you both happy…I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned so far.  Let go of what others might think and just DO what is best for you and your baby. 



There are a lot of secrets that come out when you join the “Mom club”…you’ll find you aren’t alone with a lot of your feelings towards motherhood…and that seems to make things just a tad bit easier.  Oh and a glass of wine, that helps too.




4 thoughts on “Jack at 2 Months

  1. Stephanie, I so feel your pain! Lily was a really, really, really hard baby. She was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, which explains alot of it. I totally hear you on doing what you have to to get by! I don’t know if you’ve read/watched “happiest baby on the block” by Harvey Karp, but we LOVED it! He has great ways to get babies to stop crying. If you haven’t heard of him, you should check it out. We rented the DVD from the library, and it was perfect, because I have still not succeeded in getting Jared to read one childcare book. 🙂

  2. My sister-in-law heard somewhere that around ten pounds things get easier. We both found that to be true, although it took longer for her to get there having started with a smaller baby. Those epic crying sessions are tough, hang in there.

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