Making Plans


I can’t remember exactly how the saying goes, but it’s something like…”We make plans…and God laughs at us”.  Well it seems that’s case for us and this babe.

I had planned to turn 30 before this baby arrived…I had planned to scrub and clean the house, wash every last bit of baby laundry, and all the curtains before this baby arrived…I had planned to make some meals and freeze them to be all set for after this baby arrived…you know around 40ish+ weeks.  But God had other plans…instead we’ll be meeting our little one this coming Monday.

Something I haven’t mentioned on here yet…because I was optimistic that it wouldn’t be an issue this late in the game…is that at my 20 week ultrasound my placenta was low…not alarmingly so but low enough that the doctor wanted to keep an eye on things.  So after another ultrasound at 28 weeks (with barely any movement) and then again at 36 (moved about 1cm!) I was unfortunately still diagnosed as having “marginal placenta previa

After discussing the options with my doctor…we’ve decided to have a c-section in order to avoid any possible issues that could arrive if I went into labor naturally (like bleeding and/or detaching of the placenta…which would result in a c-section anyways).  So here I am now at 37 weeks…and just 3 days away from meeting this little person.

As you can imagine that last couple weeks have been quite hectic around here…hence the lack in posts!  Trying to finish up the nursery, getting things squared away at work, and frantically making late night Target purchases of those final things we still need before baby arrives.  Not to mention my comfort level has hit an all time pregnancy low…my legs hurt and I no longer have ankles (so on the bright side at least I won’t be dealing with that much longer right?!).

I had hoped to get a couple more posts in…like one about the fabulous shower I had a couple weekends ago with my Utah friends…and the weekend with my Mom and Aunt..and of course a couple more bump pics..but I just haven’t had time.  I hope you’ll forgive me if i have to back track after the baby arrives.

But for now I’m going to attempt to not panic…forget about washing the curtains…and try to enjoy these last couple days before our family of 2 becomes 3.  Lots of sleeping in, eating out (ice cream!), and maybe a tiny bit of knitting.  Keep me and this little one in your thoughts if you can on Monday…I’m a little nervous but excited at the same time…I know everything will be ok even though it’s not exactly the “birth” I had in mind.

Stay tuned friends!!

*If you can’t tell we got our disc of maternity photos!  So I decided to shove them in your face… 🙂  All photos by Jylare Smith Photography


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