34 Weeks



Another mirror pic…taken quickly Sunday night after a very busy weekend!!

This past week and weekend was a busy one for us…baby prep, football, and Lance’s bday!  As we tick closer to the due date the weeks and weekends seem to go by way too quickly.  I’m busy at work trying to wrap up/pass off projects before I take 12 weeks off…Tuesdays we have our birthing class right after work and don’t make it home till almost 10pm (which is way past my bedtime)…and I am now starting weekly appointments with the doc.  So yeah…it’s been hectic.

I started to go into panic mode a bit last week when I realized that I’ll be full term (37wks) in 3 weeks time…and that is the soft “deadline”  I set for having things finished and ready to go!  Considering the nursery is nowhere near where I would like it to be…and we don’t even have a list for our hospital bags (or a diaper bag yet!)…you could say we’re a bit behind.  I jotted down a huge “to-do” list and “to-buy” list…both are slightly intimidating.  I have my 2nd and final shower this weekend with my Utah friends (hooray!!) and hopefully after that we’ll have a better idea of what we still need to get.  My mom and Aunt are also coming to visit this weekend and I think baby shopping is on our to-do list…so hopefully we can get a lot of the bigger items we need taken care of!

We did cross a couple of big things off our list this past weekend…one GIANT one being a new mom mobile!

This is a purchase we’ve been discussing and saving for way before I ever took a pregnancy test…but the whole “growing family” thing definitely made it a priority.   If you can’t tell from the crappy photo we went with a Toyota Rav4 in red (looks like I need some new Husker stickers!).

So far it’s been nice and we’ve already taken advantage of the cargo room…which leads me to purchase number 2 for the weekend…a rocker/glider for the nursery!  I ordered this rocker from Target about a month ago when they had their big “baby sale” for $100 off the reg price…even though there were no reviews at the time I figured I would take a chance as it was the color and look I was going for.

While it looked great and worked perfectly in our nursery…it was not that comfy.  It wasn’t awful…but it just wasn’t as comfy as I was hoping for…considering I’ll likely be spending a lot of hours in it in the middle of the night.  Plus after about 10 minutes of rocking it started to make a click noise with each back/forth motion.  I spent a good hour WD-40-ing every joint I could find but nope…didn’t help.  So we returned it (this is where the new SUV came into play…cargo space!).

Lance could tell I was frustrated and upset with the rocker situation and so he told me as my “push present” he wanted me to pick out any rocker I liked regardless of price…so off to Buy Buy Baby we went!  I picked one that is 100x more comfortable and chose some cute light grey fabric and we placed the order.  I don’t think it will arrive before baby…but hopefully I can get through the first week or two without one.  Since we had a 20% off coupon it only ended up being about $50 more than the Target one…score!

To cap off an already eventful Friday…we then met up with Jylare for our maternity shoot!  I will share more about this when I post some of the pics she sent me today as a sneak peek!!  I was on the fence about doing them…but after seeing the sneak peek today I’m so glad I decided to go for it…and convinced lance to tag along.

To round out the weekend we also watched both of our teams (Huskers & Vikes) come away with big wins, and celebrated Lance’s 31st Birthday with a nice steak dinner out and ice cream cake!

(If you’re wondering…no I didn’t write the Happy Birthday message on the cake…you can thank the high school dudes working at DQ for that loveliness.)

Needless to say week 34 was a busy/eventful one…and I know they will only be busier from here on out till baby arrives!  Let the official count-down begin!



4 thoughts on “34 Weeks

  1. You have been busy! I didn’t finish packing my hospital bag until I was in labor- I recommend not doing it that way, I made some questionable decisions. 🙂

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