32 Weeks

This week was a rough one.  I made it 7 months sickness free…but my luck couldn’t last forever…the death cold found me.  I should have known when I went to the doc for my appointment (pre getting sick) and the nurse commented that almost everyone she had seen in the last 2 days was sick.  Normally I would just OD on cold medicine and keep on truckin’….but obviously that wasn’t going to work now that I’m growing a human.  Not to mention this cold was an evil one…I couldn’t smell or taste anything for 5 days…talk about miserable!  My meals consisted of cereal and soup.

Even though I felt like death this past week…it doesn’t overshadow the really fun thing that happened….my BFF Shelley had her baby!!  A Girl!!  She’s super cute and I’m bummed I can’t just jump in my car and go visit them.

We’ve been able to chat here and there on gchat and via text so I’m getting all the info I can out of her about being a new mom, labor, breastfeeding, etc.  It has also got me thinking/realizing that this WILL BE ME in 8/9 short weeks!  I’m going to do my best to not get overly eager and instead enjoy these last weeks baby free with Lance.

We also started our 6 week birthing class this past week.  We covered pretty basic stuff that I already knew…but the remaining classes look to cover a variety of topics (labor/delivery, postpartum, breastfeeding) so I think we will end up learning a lot and hopefully it will prep us both for what is coming.

Oh and I’m slowly making progress on the nursery!  I was able to whip up an easy DIY crib skirt while watching football this weekend.  I used this tutorial and then just added ties to attach to the spring frame part…this way I can hopefully just move them in as we move the mattress down.  For as ghetto as it is (only 3 sides…shhhh) I think it looks pretty good!




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