30 Weeks

A little different “bump” pic this time around…Lance & I were in Nebraska this past weekend for the first Husker game…and my first shower!!








We have been going back for the first Nebraska game of the seaon for the past 5 years…it’s tradition!!  Hopefully we can continue to keep going…we’ll just leave the little one at home with Grandma 😉  Being 7 months pregnant this year made things a little bit different obviously…no Embassy Suites happy hour drinks for me!  Fortunately my little sister recently turned 21 and so she was able to take advantage of my “situation” (and drink tickets)…it’s a tough job but someone has got to do it.

Fortunately/Unfortunately Shelley was (and is) still preggers so we were able to keep our pre-game at Brewskys tradition alive as well!  I’m sure Lance felt real cool hanging out with two pregnant chicks drinking O’douls.  My how times have changed!



(pic stolen from Shelley)

The game itself was fun like always…and HOT!  For a while there I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through.  While waiting in line…drunk sorority girls to my left…smoking lady to my right…and the giant sun blaring down…I kinda wanted to run back to our air conditioned hotel room and just watch the game on TV.  BUT…I also knew that this would be the one time this year I get to see the guys in red play…so I stuck it out all the way till the end!

My mom got me this cute tank to wear that says “Quarterback in Training” across the bump…and I got lots of compliments and comments from people throughout the day!  So being pregnant at a football game isn’t all bad.  I’m just happy I wasn’t the girl running to the bathroom to pump during 3rd quarter…not sure I could have handled that.


Then on Sunday we made our way to Omaha for my first baby shower!!  My two aunts (that threw my wedding shower) along with my little sister hosted and did an amazing job putting it together.

It was so great to be able to see family and friends one last time before this little one makes his/her appearance.  Everyone is so excited for us and can’t wait to meet him/her.  We received so many generous gifts that really help as we try and make final preperations for the baby’s arrival.  I also requested a “favorite childhood book” from each guest and it’s safe to say baby A’s library is off to a great start!  I can’t wait to read to our little one in the months and years ahead.


My aunt form Chicago made these adorable sugar cookies….I think the little onsies were my favorite!


She also made this cute fruit carriage…complete with our last name on the back!


Of course sweets were aplenty…which was perfect as that seems to be ALL I crave these days.


The best part about having a shower back home is I get to see my friends that I don’t often see when we make quick trips back to Nebraska.  Three of us are pregnant in the pic below…that’s a lot of babies!  It was really fun to share stories and compare our experiences thus far.  It’s times like this when I get bummed I don’t live closer to home so we could get together more often…espeically after all the babes come along.  Maybe someday!


My little sister and I…it’s always fun to hang out with her when we go back and hear about all her college escapades.  Kids these days…I swear I never did any of that crazy stuff when I was in school…


Thankfully she found time between her trips to “the bottoms” to put together this super adorable diaper wreath.  Pinterest worthy indeed…complete with a Husker onsie and booties!


I’d say week 30 was one of the most fun yet!  You really can’t go wrong when you mix some of my favorite people and football together!


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