28 Weeks

If you follow me on Instagram (stephavey) then you have already seen this pic…sorry to repeat!  I didn’t get a chance to take one of the usual deck pics this past weekend so this will have to do. 

Hooray for 28 weeks and the official start to the 3rd and final trimester!!  I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever…but thankfully I’ve only really been “feeling” pregnant for the past couple months or so.  Trouble sleeping, having a noticeable bump, finally giving in to maternity clothes, heartburn, and feeling movement…all undeniable signs that I’m growing a human.

I LOVED the 2nd trimester…so many great moments (first ultrasound, beginning of movement, strangers noticing the bump and asking about the baby, purchasing baby things and starting the nursery) and I definitely had a lot more energy than I did in the first trimester which at times almost made me forget I was pregnant…almost.

It’s also amazing to look at the changes my body has been through the past 14 weeks..


I hardly recognize that girl in the week 14 pic!  To think I actually felt like I had a “bump” then…ha!

While I’m excited to be in the 3rd trimester finally…I’m also already starting to feel some of the uncomfortableness that comes along with it.  My weight slowly went up at first…and now I’m gaining at least 4lbs between appointments…and feeling it.  My legs get tired after standing/walking a lot quicker then they did just weeks before.  I’ve also noticed simple things, like bending over, are getting a bit more challenging.  Oh and I can no longer paint my own toes…so I guess that means bi-monthly pedicures are in my near future 😉

I’m going to try realllly hard to do weekly updates from now on up until the end.  Lots of exciting things happening including 2 showers, childbirth classes, and lots of nursery & sewing projects to get done!


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