24 Weeks

I think the “nesting” bug is starting to hit.  I finally started doing some research for the different things we will need for baby…and holy crap…it’s a lot.  Who knew such a tiny human needed so much?!  Good news is we’ve purchased our crib and car seat…and our first couple boxes of diapers!  Never too early to start stocking up right?!

So of course all this research forced me to get started on our registry.  My family is throwing me a shower over Labor Day weekend while we’re back in Nebraska so I figured I better get on the ball with figuring out what we want/need.  (Any “must have” input would be greatly appreciated 😉  I still have a lot of work to do on the Nursery planning end of things…but at least we have a crib now!

Oh AND we secured a spot for daycare!  Such a relief.  I was a tad stressed about finding a place that we felt comfortable with that didn’t cost a bajillion dollars…easier said then done.  We also ended up going with a center I didn’t think I would like before we toured…but turns out we both felt really good about it…weird how that works out.

24 Weeks!

Baby Fruit Size: Cantaloupe (weighs just over a pound.  Length: about 11 inches)

Best Moment:  Purchasing baby things!  Seeing the crib set-up (even sans mattress) and the tiny little car seat in the nursery just puts a smile on my face every time I walk by.  I also ordered this little newborn outfit/one-piece from Baby Gap that has a little ear of corn on it…being from Nebraska I sorta have a “thing” for corn…and omg is it cute.  Lance & I both couldn’t stop staring at it when it came in the mail…hard to believe we’ll have a baby to put it on come November!

Cravings:  Fall…yes the season.  Fall has always been my favorite time of year (thanks to my bday and football!) but this year it obviously has an even bigger appeal…the arrival of our little one!   I’m ready for football and stuffing my face with everything pumpkin flavored I can get my hands on.  In fact I already gave in to my craving a bit and made chocolate-chip pumpkin bread this weekend…I could eat a loaf a day.

What I Miss:   I had a big “omg i really want a glass of wine!!” moment this past week.  Lance and I went to our first Red Butte concert on Tuesday to see Josh Ritter.  I’ve been wanting to seem him for years and Lance surprised me with tickets for Mother’s Day…so we went!

The best thing about Red Butte is you get to bring in all your own food/drink…which of course equals WINE.  I mean we live in a pretty “dry” state (at least compared to the midwest) but I swear every single person there had bottles upon bottles of delicious wine…so not fair.  Thankfully I like Josh enough that I don’t need to be tipsy to enjoy him…but still…wine would have made it even more awesome.

What I Can’t Wait For:  Football and Fall and Pumpkin stuff…er is this supposed to be baby related?!


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