22 Weeks

22 Weeks!

Baby Fruit Size: Papaya (weighs almost a pound(!!)  Length: about 11 inches)

Best Moment: It’s hard to pin-point a particular moment from these past two weeks (since I skipped week 21)…it’s more of a combination of things that have been pretty great.  We were in North Dakota for the past week visiting family/friends and hearing/seeing how excited different people are for us was awesome…we are so thankful to have such loving family and friends who are just as excited as we are for this little one to join our family.

The other big thing for me personally has been feeling movement like crazy!  You go so long wondering if there really is a baby growing in there…and once you start feeling (and seeing!) frequent movement and kicks there’s no denying it!  It’s such a fun/wonderful/amazing thing to experience and has really helped me to start bonding with our little one.

Cravings:  Whenever we go back to Lance’s parent’s house…his mom always has plenty of goodies on hand…so needless to say I never really had the chance to get hungry and crave much…I was too busy eating!  I also got to experience my first “Indian Taco”…I think this must be a NoDak thing?!…anyways it was pretty delicious!

What I Miss:   Laying/sleeping on my back.  Apparently this is a big no-no come 2nd trimester…and they say the best position is to lay on your left side.  I’ve been doing pretty good starting out on my left side…and alternating between right and left throughout the night…but dangit sometimes I just want to lay flat!!

What I Can’t Wait For:  I think Lance said it best this past weekend, “Can the baby just get here already…”.   I think he was bored at the time and seems to think the baby will come out baseball glove in hand ready to play catch…boy or girl.  I guess I’m not ready for baby just yet…I’m just starting to get into the groove of this whole pregnancy thing and enjoying it!  I know the next 18 or so weeks will fly by so I want to try and savor every moment before then!


In Lance’s hometown they have this little “Art in the Park” festival during the 4th of July and Grandma A got the babe some cute bibs and a tie-dye onesie…Vikings colors of course!


3 thoughts on “22 Weeks

  1. I know I should be focused on the baby stuff but I can’t help but notice…is that a beer bottle tiki torch thing on the deck!?

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