18 Weeks


18 Weeks!

Baby Fruit Size: Sweet Potato (weighs about 7 ounces.  Length: 5 1/2 inches, head to bottom.)

Best Moment:  Feeling movement!  Pretty sure I’ve started feeling the babe kick/punch/move…whatever it is he/she is doing.  At first I wasn’t sure…but now I think I have a pretty good idea of when it’s happening.  Crazy!

Symptoms:  Once again nothing really big here…just the normal stuff…stuffy nose, need to pee, hunger (although this has toned down a bit…thank god…I was starting to feel like a real heffer)

Cravings:  Ice Cream/gelato/anythingfrozenanddelicious.  Seriously…it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

What I Miss:  Beer…especially now that it’s summer…and we have Widmer Hef on tap in the bar.  I think Lance picked it just to torture me…evil I tell you.

What I Can’t Wait For:  Feeling movement more frequently…and scheduling our “big” ultrasound.

I also started my first knitting project for baby this week….a blanket!  Thanks to size 11 needles it’s actually coming together faster than I thought.   I’m sure It will still take me till November to finish it…once I get busy with other things it will be hard to find time to just sit and knit.  I’m making this chevron blanket I found via pinterest (obviously) and using these colors.


So far I’ve got one of the “stripes” done…just 6 more to go!







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