15 Weeks

This photo was taken at about 15 1/2 weeks (5/22).

I was home this past weekend for a friend’s wedding and so that’s why I was a bit delayed in taking the 15wks photo.  I feel like my bump is now officially here to stay.  I still feel fat looking rather than pregnant…but I’m sure that will change with time.  This was the first time I got to see my family and some friends since becoming pregnant…and I think everyone mentioned how I def have a little bump going on.  Maybe they were just being nice?  Regardless…it was nice to hear.

Along with my new stock of frozen Runzas…I also came home with some gifts for the babe!  Husker stuff obviously…what did you expect?  This child will be born in the heart of football season…so pretty sure he/she will be wearing lots of Husker & Vikes gear in those early months 😉  Thanks Mom and Shelley!

15 Weeks!

Baby Fruit Size: Apple (weighs about 2 1/2 ounces.  Length: 4 inches, head to bottom.)

Best Moment:  Getting to see/spend time with my family/friends in Nebraska and also telling friends at the wedding the big news!

Symptoms:  Um pimples.  Not only do I feel fat…I also look like I’m 15….awesome.

Cravings:  fruit smoothies!  I think I had at least 4 this week.

What I Miss:  Being able to get a beer while waiting for a flight at the airport.  Instead I gave in to a bag of Nutter Butters.  Worth it.

What I Can’t Wait For:  Heading to Minneapolis this weekend to see some good friends and their 4mo old baby!  I plan to suck out all the info/advice I possibly can.

With this post I’m offically caught up!  I’m currently 15wks and 5 days.  I am really going to try and stick with weekly updates..but please forgive me if I miss a week here and there…things can get kinda hectic when you’re growing a small human.


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