14 Weeks

Officially in the 2nd Trimester!  Woo!

Taken May 11th

My first official bump pic! (Ignore the dirty mirror and bathroom…I sorta took this spur of the moment)  I wish I had taken one around 4/5 weeks so you can see the difference.  This was about the time I realized I could no longer “suck it in”…and instead of trying to hide it I may as well just embrace it.

I think the toughest part of this week was that I didn’t feel like I looked pregnant…just fat.  My stomach is definately sticking out now all the time…and not just after I eat like before.  But I doubt anyone that doesn’t know I’m pregnant would think anything.

14 Weeks!

Baby fruit size:  Lemon

Best Moment(s)Officially entering the 2nd trimester!  The feeling that I don’t have to hide it anymore from randoms and people at work (now that my boss knows!).

Symptoms:  Nothing notable here except my expanding stomach and the fact that I can only wear about one pair of jeans buttoned comfortably.

Cravings: Mac-n-cheese

What I Miss:  Another big thing I noticed this week was how much slooooowwwer I’ve been running.  I seem to get tired quicker and I get the feeling I have to pee about half way into the run…even if I go right before i head out the door.  So I guess this week I’m missing running like I used to.

What I Can’t Wait For:  This is the same as the last update…pretty much looking forward to everything at this point!



2 thoughts on “14 Weeks

  1. congratulations, stephanie! this is such wonderful news. i hope you enjoy the next 26 weeks, it is really the most amazing time. and then you get your baby and it’s even better 🙂

    you look fantastic!

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