First Trimester

First of all, thank you so much for your congrats and comments!  Although most of our family and close friends know our news already…it is fun to finally be able to share it with my “internet friends”! 

If you haven’t figured it out yet…this whole being pregnant thing was the major reason I gave up on the 366 photo project.  I really wanted to stick it out, but honestly I hit a period between 6-10 weeks where my motivation to do anything other than lay on the couch was nonexistent.  It sucked, and it made me feel worthless.  I have a bunch of quilt squares cut and ready to be sewed…and yet i haven’t wanted to touch my sewing machine the last 2 months.  Same goes for my knitting needles.  BUT…good news…my energy is returning and I’m slowly getting motivated to get back on the project bandwagon.  Oddly enough I haven’t stopped running…well it’s more like slow jogging at this point…but I’m still getting out there and that’s what counts right?!

Having said all that you’re probably assuming I spent a lot of time hovering over the porcelain god during this time.  Thankfully that was NOT the case…I didn’t get sick once!  Believe me though…the first trimester was not all rainbows and butterflies.  Actually I think the first trimester is the weirdest/most nerve-racking/exciting/craziest time a woman can go through.  I mean you pee on a stick and suddenly you become this hormone-raging/booze-free/question-every-food-item/human-growing machine!  I realize our bodies are made to do this…but mentally it’s tough.  Excitement for what’s to come is quickly consumed with fear of what might go wrong…all the while you’re not supposed to be telling a single person that you are in fact pregnant, and that’s why you’re not drinking beer but instead eating 2 entire pizzas and a bowl of ice cream. (seriously…my hunger was OUT OF CONTROL…if there was food w/in a 20mi radius I was likely eating it or devising a plan to eat it)

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for this gift we have been blessed with and how, quite frankly, easily we got onto this path towards parenthood.  I know there are so many couples out there that struggle to start a family and it just breaks my heart.

Even before getting that positive test I had this grand idea of keeping a weekly journal of what’s happening with me and the babe along with bump shots.  For some reason I kept putting it off…I think it was that fear of things going wrong that kept me from actually putting words down.  But now that I’m nearly 15wks along with a strong-heart-beating-growing babe…I think I can finally start.  Since I didn’t keep track of things weekly during the first trimester I’m just going to sum it up as best as I can.

The First Trimester!

Baby fruit size: From poppy seed to peach (4-13wks).  That’s some serious growth!

Best Moment(s):  Positive test (obv) and showing Lance.  The 8wk ultrasound showing a mini growing tadpole looking thing with a beating heart.  Hearing the heartbeat for the first time at 12 wks…loud and fast!  Sharing the good news with our friends and family!

Symptoms:  Never ending hunger was probably the biggest symptom I had.  Along with the usual sore boobs, tiredness (although not super exhausted), some mild cramps around wk 5, bloat like no other, stuffy-nose (although that is likely more allergies than anything), and my favorite…waking up to pee at least 2 times during the night.

Cravings: The big one here is Ice Cream!  Although on any given day I will crave random things, like hamburgers, anything mexican, mac-n-cheese, fudge pops, hotdogs, Arbys, and more ice cream.  Basically it’s like I’m 6yrs old again.

What I Miss:  Beer & Wine of course.  More so in social situations and dinners out…or like on vacation in Chicago when we were surrounded by so many good options.  Sleeping through the night w/out having to go to the bathroom…which I realize will only get worse once the babe arrives.  I thought I would miss coffee big time…but it was surprisingly easy to give up.  I started with decaf for about a week after finding out.  Then suddenly around week 6 the thought of drinking coffee made me want to vomit, and so I’ve been coffee free since. 

What I Can’t Wait For:  Actually looking pregnant instead of just fat.  Planning and decorating the nursery (for a boy or girl…we’re not finding out before he/she comes!).  Feeling movement.  The 20wk ultrasound when we make sure everything is growing and looking good!  Pretty much everything else now that I’m in the 2nd trimester…things should start getting more exciting!

Sorry for such a long/non-pic post (I’ll have one with the next post promise!).  Hopefully I didn’t bore everyone…I think this is the most I’ve written on here in like a year…go me!  Before I got pregnant I loved reading other blogger’s updates and stories throughout their pregnancy so I really wanted to do the same.  I’m doing it for myself mostly…and my mom…and anyone else out there that cares to read 😉


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