On not taking photos…

And so it happened.  The 366 photo project has gotten the best of me.

If you didn’t notice…I’ve taken the last 3 weeks off.  Turns out it is not easy to take a different/unique/amazing photo every day of the year.  Nope, actually, it’s insanely hard.  Especially when you work 10hrs a day and go to bed at 9pm.  Not much time for awe inspiring images in there.  I’ve also recently decided the internet/computer makes me want to vomit when I’m not at work….likely because I spend my entire day staring at it.  Also the reason I have had this post sitting in my drafts for the past 2 weeks.

Truth is…I don’t actually feel that bad about it either.  At first I felt like a failure with each day that slipped by with no picture snapped.  But then…then it felt awesome!  It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.  I mean what’s the point of taking a forced photo anyways right?  This project was supposed to be about inspiration and having fun…not hastily snapping a photo of Mini minutes before jumping into bed.  And so I’m unsure of what the next step is.  Obviously the ‘366’ isn’t going to happen.

So for now I’ll just leave you with the promise that pictures will commence soon…of a different type of “project” I’ve been secretly working on 😉

*In other news I recently upped my cred and got a smartphone.  After being sold on a Droid for months I decided at the last minute I couldn’t ignore my undying love for Apple products and got an iphone.  Yep…exciting stuff.  Deciding factors also relate to said “project” above…more on that later.  But if you feel so inclined…you can follow me on instagram (stephavey)…as I attempt to figure out how the eff it works.



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