366: 29-35

29/366 (Jan 29): 

The ‘After’ pic from the worst painting experience ever (see Day 27).  Hopefully this spring that disgusting green/blue carpet will be replaced by some lovely wood laminate.

30/366 (Jan 30):  Typical weeknight

31/366 (Jan 31):  At what point can you tell a cactus is dead?  Pretty sure i haven’t watered these guys since Nov…and they look the exact same.  Maybe they’ve been dead all along?

32/366 (Feb 1):  This is like 1/4 of my current yarn stash…

33/366 (Feb 2): Can’t. Stop. Eating. These! ack!

34/366 (Feb 3): Driving during daylight hours is so much better than my typical dark to/from work commute.

36/366 (Feb 4): Utah upped it’s cred recently and opened it’s first BWWs…we’ve been looking forward to this for MONTHS…needless to say it was WELL WORTH the 25min drive South.  Judge all you want.


5 thoughts on “366: 29-35

  1. Wait what? BWW is in Utah?!? Need to stock up on some more Mango Habanero! We still have Blazin’ since you only need like a 1/32 of a teaspoon to make things super hot with that.
    PS Your cacti are not dead… though if you water them every once in a while they might grow more 🙂

  2. I feel you in the BWW obsession. The closest one to us is 1.5 hours away so anytime we’re within 30 minutes of one we make the excuse to go out of our way and have it. It was also the first chicken I could have after hating chicken the whole first trimester 🙂

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