366: 22-28

A little late to get these up…I blame the painting job i tackled this past weekend…worst. ever.

Jan 22: photo from my phone of the pillow cover I quickly made (to match the quilt) after learning of Owen’s arrival on Saturday!

(also my first applique sewing adventure…not too shabby!)


Jan 23:  Sometimes the only cure of a serious case of the “Mondays” is a bottle of Cabernet…split with Lance of course.

Jan 24:  Snowy view of the ‘U’ from my office window….can you see it…it’s white.

Jan 25: Girls’ night with the dept/work/met ladies always includes a clothing swap…in this case I brought the majority of my closet thanks to a recent purge session.  Now I realize I have a grand total of 2 outfits…

Jan 26: Next paperback read…once I finish my current kindle one.

Jan 27: The wood paneling before I attacked it with white paint in what currently holds the title for “worst painting project of all time!!”  Also the reason the ‘after’ pic won’t make an appearance till next week’s post.

Jan 28:  I was stoked to try this beer for a few reasons…#1 being the “Pumpkin” part of it.  Yeah I def didn’t taste ANY pumpkin…but on the bright side I do believe I am liking Porters more these days.

Is it weird that two of my pics are of booze this week?!  Note to self:  try not to look like an alcoholic on the internet.


One thought on “366: 22-28

  1. ha! I don’t think you look like an alcoholic. 😉
    I’m interested in that pumpkin beer, too. I have had some good blueberry ales, but never pumpkin stout.

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