366: 15-21

Another challenging week for me…I blame it on the month of January.

Jan 15: I got a new mini-muffin pan…so of course we had to break it in with lemon poppy seed ones.

  Recipe via Annie’s Eats

Jan 16:  Snow-less mountain view from the kitchen

Jan 17:  My first quilt…finished just in time for baby Owen’s arrival! (born 01/21/12!)

(It was a bit of a challenge getting a pic of the entire quilt…notice the hangers)

Jan 18:

Um…busy day at work leads to me totally forgetting to take a pic.  I have a feeling this won’t be the last.

Jan 19:  Wine & Greys & a good friend…the only way to end another hectic work day.

Jan 20:  Nori only drinks out of running faucets and pint glasses…

Jan 21: Jazz vs Twolves…with 8 good friends…including Abbie post Alt Summit fun.



5 thoughts on “366: 15-21

  1. I agree with Abbie…you’re doing MUCH better than I ever would. It is always so hard for me to remember to pick up my camera!

    Also, where did you get the pattern to make the baby quilt? I have a few friends expecting this year and I would love to make them one. Any suggestions?

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