366: 8-14

Ok so I’m only in the 2nd week of this “little” project and I’m already struggling…It just wasn’t my week…for a few reasons.  More than once this week i found myself hastily grabbing my camera and snapping a quick photo just to get it over with…and that’s really not the point of this is it?  Hopefully next week is a little more exciting.


Jan 8: This pretty much defined my Fri-Tues…too bad the Tylenol only lasted 2 of those days…that’s the last time I give in to clever commercials for cold medicine.

Jan 9: Late night pinning. (and by ‘late night’ I mean 9pm…I’m old like that)

Jan 10: Thanks to aerie…my feet are always warm.

Jan 11:  This week’s sewing adventure…burp cloths for a baby boy due any day now

Jan 12: New prints via Etsy

Jan 13: Napping buddies

Jan 14: Spur of the moment chevron-ing


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