366: 1-7

Apparently I only wrote 15 posts in 2011…it’s called life my friends…and I was enjoying it.

So to start anew in 2012 I’ve decided to tackle a little photo project.  One photo each day for 366 days (leap year bonus!).  I’ve been wanting to take this on since I started following Terese’s 365 posts …here’s hoping I stick to it.  I don’t have a fancy smart phone (I know…shocking) so the basic goal of this project is to force myself to use my big girl camera…and hopefully learn more about it in the process.

So here we go…Days 1-7

Jan 1 – Bedside reads...The Midwife’s Confession* and Your Camera Loves You

Jan 2 – Sewing – ruffle apron #2

Jan 3 – Putting away Christmas

Jan 4 – I realize everyone and their dog has been playing Words With Friends for a while now…thanks to my new Kindle I can now join the fun


Jan 5 – My 5am BFFs

Jan 6 – It was late…Mini was tired

Jan 7 – After a very dry December…finally some snow.

*Finished this book and really liked it…in case anyone was wondering.


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