Well I’ve been kinda busy the last couple weekends…

putting the moves on my boy Percy at Vikes training camp

Watching “Hard Knocks” Live…and professing my love for Christian.  If only HK was actually on this year…my Wednesdays would be a lot more awesomesauce.

Watching friends say “I Do”…with the most heartwarming vows.

Spending time with good friends we don’t get to see nearly often enough…that just happen to be expecting! (bring on the knitting!)

Crazy fun times with all these crazy kids

Then this past weekend my little sis came out to SLC to hang…and turn 20.  We did a lot of stuff…like watch MTV, tie-dyed shirts, shopped, ate, got pedicures, made friendship bracelets…and when you live in the mountains…you gotta go for a hike….so we did…an easy one.

Still got some snow up there!

We drug Lance along…he enjoyed it.

Ang gave Utah a thumbs up!

So that basically sums up my life the last couple of weeks…now it’s just 2 more weeks until FOOTBALL!!!!!!!  Which means our yearly trip back to Neb to cheer on the BIG RED!  Woop…I’m excited.

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