Just wanted to give you all a warning that I won’t be finishing my Napa recaps this weekend…b/c we’re hitting the road!  We’re off to a wedding in MN of one of Lance’s closest friends…should be fun times!!  A visit to Vikings training camp is in the mix…and a brewery tour…and maybe BWWs.  Woot!

Anyways…I just wanted to show off these cute bibs I’ve been slaving away on the last couple of days.

Cute huh?!  I followed Jessi’s directions …and I must say I’m quite pleased with how they turned out!  Before this I had only managed to sew 2 camera straps…so yep I’m stoked I didn’t make any huge mistakes.  I’m in LOVE with this fabric from Jessica Jones.  It’s a nice heavy/canvas type fabric…which I framed some of for our gallery wall. (yes I realize I still need to post pics of that! ack!).  I’m hoping to give these to some friends of ours that had a baby back in March (born 9mo to the day after our wedding…think about that one.)  Hopefully he isn’t too big by now!  If so I suppose they can save them for the next one 😉

Oh and I should probably mention that I’m currently obsessed with this series

and I can’t wait to get on that plane so i can read my little heart out!!!

Also…I’m a little sad to be leaving these guys…

Seriously…Lance & I discuss our corn on a daily basis…we are super lame.

Luckily we have Nori the “Corn King” to watch over it for us…




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