The Silverado Trail

The good thing about taking it easy on Sunday when we got to Napa…we woke up bright and early ready to get our taste on Monday morning.  After stuffing our faces with plenty of carbs and waffles via the BW Elm House Inn…we were on our way to our fist tasting.

I guess I should mention that we only booked 2 tours prior to getting to Napa.  Our first one was on Monday at 1pm.  So basically what we did every morning was look at the map…and my list of “possible visits” …then came up with a game plan and headed out.  Monday we decided to start our wine adventure out on the Silverado Trail.

Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars (not to be confused with Stags’ Leap Winery):

The reason we chose the (‘s) version is because back in 1976 when they did the blind tasting in Pairs (that basically put Napa on the map…or so they tell me) Stag’s Leap’s Cabernet took 1st place.  I’m a sucker for a good “Cab Sauv”…so duh obv we had to go there.

They had 2 tasting options…the Estate ($30) and the Napa Valley Collection($15).  We did one of each so basically we got to taste everything.  Def recommend going this route.

The reds…all were pretty amazing…then again wine at 10:30 am is always amazing.

We walked out with our first wine purchase…the Artemis Cabernet Sauvignon.  Well actually we ended up with 2 bottles.  It was either spend $100 on one bottle and the tastings…OR spend $100 and get 2 bottles and get the tasting comped…yeah like we even had to think twice about that…SOLD!  Our server guy was really nice and threw in a bottle opener too.  I think he felt bad for us b/c we’re from Utah.  Needless to say we were pretty pleased with our first stop!

I gave it a thumbs up!

With 8 different wines in us we decided we should pry get some food…so off to Yountville we went.  It was a tough choice…but we ultimately picked Pacific Blues Cafe over The French Laundry.  (haha…yeah right like FL was ever even a choice for us).  It was great and we had a fun view from the patio.

Well fueled and thirsty for more wine…we made our way to

Del Dotto Caves:

This was the very first tour I booked…like back in February I was so excited about it.  Caves and drinking wine straight from barrels…yep sounds like my kinda thing.  And holy crap did it live up to our expectations and beyond!  Our young/cute tour guide Ryan was really laidback and fun…I think we lucked out with him…I’m sure it would have been great with another guide but Ryan was awesome.

At the entrance of the cave!

While we guzzled down wine…we actually managed to learn quite a bit about the whole barrel process.  We got to taste the same wine out of an American barrel and a French Barrel side by side…and then we mixed them together and tasted it.  The entire experience was really neat…and well worth the $80 (tour price for 2 of us).  I would do this one again in fact.  We didn’t end up buying any wine (they are not cheap!)…but we def walked out “feeling good” if you know what I mean.

By the time we left Del Dotto it was going on 3pm..and so we decided to stop at one more place before heading back into Napa.

Mumm Napa:

Mumm specializes in sparking wines.  We aren’t big sparking wine drinkers but thanks to Wally we had a 2-for-1 coupon and it was on our way back to we went.

They have a patio set up where you can sit and enjoy the view while tasting on your own….instead of having to buck up at a bar like a lot of the wineries.

They also had a free photography gallery which we walked through before heading on our way.

Once in Napa we hit up  Bounty Hunter for their excellent happy hour special.  The food was amazing!  Seriously…I’m craving it just typing this.  If you love BBQ and wine then you must go!!

That pretty much did it for our first day!  I don’t know how people manage going to like 5-6 wineries in a day!  We did 3 and we were spent…we went to bed around 9:30 again.  What we’re old.


One thought on “The Silverado Trail

  1. Agh! This makes me want to go to Napa pronto! I’ve always wanted to visit, but this is making the itch even worse. Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

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