Gott’s & TJ’s

The drive to Napa was pretty awesome…the small Bay towns and “hills”…the sun…and once you turn off onto the highway to Napa it’s vineyards galore!  Just row after row of grapes!  So so cool.

We stopped off at a little place just south of Sonoma…mostly b/c we saw a giant “INFORMATION” sign pointing in that direction…and also because we just wanted to get out into the sun and walk around a bit!  I forget what the place is called…but they had a bunch of “sculpture” garden type things…where different artists used a block an did their thing.  One was a giant garden…and being new to gardening Lance & I took a look around.

This particular tomato vine/bush (what is it?) stuck out for obvious reasons.  We were celebrating our “Nebraska Wedding” anniversary after all!  The also had corn…and boy do we love corn.

and this cool cloud/rain thing made of tulle and crystals.  I thought it was pretty neat…being a meteorologist and all.

Amazingly we did not taste any wine even though they had a tasting room. (FYI…tastings rooms are ALL OVER up there…you can’t escape them)  Instead we headed into Napa and ate/drank some wine at Gott’s.  It was really good..and they had 1/2 bottles of wine which get me really excited.  We gave it 2 thumbs up.

Then we just wondered around downtown Napa…which honestly is not great.  I think Gott’s was the busiest place…the town was deserted.  Apparently everyone was still off tasting wine.  Regardless…unless you’re going down to eat there’s really nothing else there.  So what did we do?!…we went to the local brewery Downtown Joe’s!  We weren’t hungry so we just got a couple beers.  Shortly after we got there another young couple bucked up to the bar and ordered a beer sampler….which ended up being like 15 beers in nice size sample cups.  We totally failed.  We forget sometimes living in UT that not every state blows when it comes to beer and samplers.

Then being the crazy kids we are…we stopped in Trader Joe’s and picked up some cheese/snacks for the trip and a bottle of wine.  You would think Utah of all places would have a Trader Joe’s…but no…they don’t…obviously b/c half the store is wine.  (lord i need to MOVE!)  Back in VA TJs was a weekly stop for us…so this was quite an exciting trip down memory lane…oh how we miss their hummus and cheap whole wheat pizza crust!!!  We also had our hearts set on picking up a bottle of Bear’s Lair Viognier.  This lovely $4 bottle of wine was a staple in our apt in VA.  Sadly they didn’t have it…so we picked up a bottle of red from Cline…which we proceeded to drink in our room and go to bed at like 9pm.  Yep TJs and Gott’s were the highlight of our day…we’re awesome like that.

*sorry for the lack of pics…read my previous post about how I suck at life.


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