Big Time Timmy Jim & The Bridge

Since this was not our first trip to San Francisco (my 3rd actually)…Lance & I really didn’t plan on doing too much during our one day there.  We’ve done the majority of “touristy” things so basically our to-do list included going to a Giants game and seeing the bridge.

The first thing on the list was of course to make the 20min trek to pick up a lens I had rented via  Now I plan to revisit this whole experience later…but basically I concluded 2 things after renting an insanely expensive lens that I will never in my life be able to afford.

1)  I am a super shy person when it comes to using my camera in public…so much so I was embarrassed to get it out at a lot of the places we went to….thus equaling me barely taking any photos.  Not sure why/how I developed this…but I’m determined to get over it.

2)  I’m really not a fan of taking landscape pics…nope not at all.  Actually all it does is piss me off.  I’d much rather take pictures of people/things/cats/corn.

OK so after that bit of honesty…let’s get on with the goods.

Before heading to the game we stopped for a couple beers at 21st Amendment brewery.  We had been here on a previous trip and loved it…so we went again.  What can I say…we know what we like…and more often than not that includes beer.  This was actually the first of 3 breweries we would visit on this trip…and yes I failed to take pics at all 3.  The Hell or High Watermelon Wheat was quite good.

So then we made our way to AT&T park…

where we got to watch Big Time Timmy Jim pitch…and wish that we had brought winter coats and gloves along.

Seriously…San Fran is NOT warm.  Sure the 63 deg temp is a bit cool for mid-July…but the -20 wind chill off the water is what gets you.  Holy cold.

So after about 5 innings we decided we were frozen enough and headed back to the 21st Amendment for some food…and of course another beer.

The following morning we picked up our rental car and headed North.  Of course we had to stop at the bridge first.

It was still pretty foggy out so not the greatest views….duh it IS San Fran after all.

That’s me…in case you couldn’t tell.

After walking out a ways on the bridge and almost being hit by several bikers…we decided we better just get back in the car and drive across the darn thing.

Napa and the sun were waiting for us after all.

The End


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