I like cheese.

Well we made it back from Napa…like a week ago.  And in case you’re wondering…yes I did drink way too much wine…and yes I did stuff my face with 20lbs of cheese and salami.

It happens.

Uploading the pics from my camera I realize that I once again suck at life.  I come home thinking I’ll have thousands of wonderful pics to relive such an amazing trip…oh nope…just 4.  Awesome.

Add that to the fact that our internet is from circa 1967…poking my eyes out with spoons sounds more appealing than attempting to upload them here.   Besides I have more important things to do like read tween books and go see tween movies.

Maybe at some point during this 4-day weekend (thank you mormons) I’ll get around to recapping our little trip.

This is the only pic I have available b/c I spent 16hrs uploading it to facebook…you’re welcome.




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