WTF Napa?!

What’s up with this Vegas-strip-esq-map of yours?!   While I would love to visit all you litle dots and drink several “tastings” of your delicious wines…it’s pretty much impossible…even for a Bota Box slamming wine addict like myself.

So Bloglandia…if you’ve ever been to Napa/Sanoma…PLEEAAAASSEEE tell us where to go!!!!  I can’t make a decision if my life depended on it.  Asking me to pick 6-10 wineries out of a bajillion gets me all nervous and sweaty…I can’t handle the pressure!!!

Also…I’m borderline WT when it comes to wine-tasting…I’m more of a brewery-tour kind of girl.  I mean seriously…is it really necessary to do that whole spinning/sniffing charade?!

Snotty stuffy wineries scare me…so if you know of some not-as-snobby ones that would be great.  Oh and if you have any advice on where to eat that would be awesome too.

Thanks Bloglandia!!!

PS.  This trip is taking place in approx 2 weeks…so get to commenting!!!




5 thoughts on “WTF Napa?!

  1. Well, can’t help you here, but please blog about your experience so when I DO go, I will know where (and where not) to spend my time. Super jealous…hope you have fun!

  2. Since it’s a vacation maybe you should just try to go with the flow, you know, not plan every little detail…you planning spaz!

  3. Don’t go to Napa! . . . if you are more of a brewery girl then go check out the Anderson Valley or Lake County (just an hour or so North of Napa). Even Sonoma is 100 times better. Plus Sonoma and for sure Anderson and Lake are a lot less expensive too. Anderson Valley doesn’t charge to taste at all . . . plus you can check out Anderson Valley Brewing while you are there too. I can give you recommendations for Napa if you really want them . . . but I say go explore the smaller areas, they are better, not so uppity, and more laid back. Way more fun!

  4. This is the best photo ever.

    Also, when my aunt and uncle went, they complained that the tasting fees were very expensive- like $50/winery.

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