Curtains Yo

awwwww…you guys are all so nice!  Thanks for the lovely comments on my little rug-painting adventure.  Putting the dinning room space together has been quite the challenge to say the least..and I’d say it’s only about half-way there.  The fabric for the curtains is on it’s way…and i ordered some fun prints off Etsy so hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll have another update pic for ya!

But for now these polka-dot-tastic green curtains will have to hold you over.

If you remember…I painted our kitchen backsplash bright green back in February and was in search of something for all the white along this back wall.  I straight-up copied Jessi after seeing her awesome-sauce curtains…and made some for myself!


and AFTER!

I tried to include a little bit of the green wall so you could see how it fits together.

PS…Nori loves to make cameo appearances in my posts if you can’t tell.  These pics were taken shortly after her 15hr cat adventure in the outdoors…it was not  a good day to say the least.  However it was apparently the greatest day ever for her b/c all she does now is stare outside like she can’t wait to get back to the cat-haven she discovered.  Cats.

I’m not gonna lie…I really enjoyed making these curtains…so much so that I’m going to make some more for the living room…and the office.  That hem tape stuff is magical i tell you!!  If you want something hemmed…call me…I’m addicted.  If you want curtain rods installed…do not call me…i hate them.


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