So I painted a rug.

That’s right friends..I joined the chevron rug-painting bandwagon.  What can I say…that darn Pinterest made me do it!!! (If you don’t know what Pinterest is…I suggest you crawl out of the hole you’ve been living in and join…you can thank me later)

When I came across Cape27’s blue version I was convinced I had to at least attempt this rug-painting thing.  And so off to Ikea I went…picked me up an Erslev rug…and got to taping.

At first I tried to just free-hand the design…but 4 hrs, 1 pkg of frog tape, and 2 really sore knees later…I had only managed to get 2 chevron rows done.  It was at the point I realized that maybe I should make a stencil.  So I did…and let me tell you…Best Idea EVER!!  Seriously…if you attempt this…make some type of stencil or guide.  So much easier than measuring it all out.

Ta-Da!  All taped and ready for some paint!  I used Valspar’s Tidal Teal.  The painting actually took a lot longer than I thought…I spent about 4 hours total on it over 2 nights.

All painted!  I let it dry for about 24hrs before I peeled back all the frog tape (which btw worked amazingly!) Now the rug is happy at home in our little seating area/dinning room.

This room is still very much a work in progress.  We still need some type of coffee table, a chair or two, stuff on the walls, and some curtains.  We’re going with the grey/yellow/turquoise color combo.  Here’s a full view of the room so far…

The rug under the dining table is this one from West Elm in Clay.

Oh and if you’re curious…this is what this room looked like shortly after we moved in last June.

Um can you say BEIGE?!  Basically everything in this room has changed…crazy town!  New hardwood, two-tone grey paint, rugs, and some new furniture has really made a huge difference.  Up next is finding some yellow fabric to make curtains with, and putting together a gallery wall behind the dinning table!  Woohoo!


11 thoughts on “So I painted a rug.

  1. Yea! a house post!!!
    how much do i love this? TTTTHHHIIISSSS MUCH!!!!

    are you for hire?

    and i love, Love, LOVE the grey, yellow and teal!


  2. Oh my gosh, I love it! I have been wanting to do this to an outdoor rug for our patio for months. I even have the paint already and it’s almost the same color blue. I cannot find a cheap rug anywhere and IKEA is 5 hours away from us 😦

    The living room looks great!

  3. Oh my gosh! LOVE the rug!! I tried to do the chevron pattern on that freaking desktop I bought from Ikea and gave up. I totally need to do the stencil. And the room– what a transformation!!

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