Another CP Wedding

Let’s face it…I’m terrible at blogging…but I know you all pry want to see some pics from Shelley’s wedding 2 weeks ago!  So that’s what I got for ya…just some of my favorites from the weekend…and if you want to get her play-by-play…stop over and read her take!  She actually might finish her recaps…unlike some people…um me.

Getting the decor ready on Friday inside at Country Pines…due to the hurricane-esq winds outside.

Shelley…master of pom-making!

Rehearsal dinner at Old Chicago

BM Becky getting her hair done!

Shelley put me in charge of taking pics while she got ready…talk about stress-inducing!  Ha ha j/k Shelley…although I’m sure the other girls were annoyed with my constant rolling around on the floor and standing on the bed/chair/desk/window trying to get good shots!  I think I managed to get a few good ones…Shelley seems happy so that’s all that matters to me!

Love the lace detailing of her Maggie Sottero gown!

Hair is all set to go!

Shoe Shot

Shelley getting the update on the decorating at CP

Dress Time!

Ring Shot! (my attempt at being artsy)

Full view in the dress!

Checking the goods one last time before heading out to CP!

Off to get hitched!!

Shelley and all of us BMs…looking hot!

So obviously I was too busy doing my bridesmaid duties to take any pictures of the actual ceremony…and even though I gave my camera to Lance (who is notorious for taking really bad-shaky pics) he was apparently too preoccupied with the NFL draft via my phone to take any…so we continue post ceremony 🙂

Me and this cute guy I hang out with…a lot.

We went on an awesome hay-rack ride around the grounds with the wedding party after the ceremony

The new Mr & Mrs!!  Hooray!!

It was beautiful and sunny out…and luckily the hurricane-esq winds were no where to be found!

one of the guys helping me feed my need to tap the rockies

We stopped at this little cabin by the lake..and of course champagne had to be involved.

Headed back to the reception! Oh and see our fun clutches?  We carried those instead of bouquets..and notice the cute matching cardigans?  Shelley gave those to us along with the fun homemade flower pins!  She is a crafty one!

Instead of a head table the bride and groom sat with us common of course I had to make her some chairs signs…i mean really…it’s not always obvious who the bride is…


First Dance as Husband and Wife!

The End!  ….or should I say The Beginning of a wonderful and happy life together! 😉


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