Super BM

Tomorrow that Lance guy and I are headed back to my homeland…Nebraska…aka the coolest-place-ever.

Amongst the list of places we plan to eat (what..i plan trips around food…don’t judge)… I will also be working on earning my Bridesmaid-of-the-year award as one of my dearest friends walks down the aisle!

(looking ever so fab at my wedding!)

She stood up there next to me as I said “I Do” to my other BFF…and I couldn’t be more excited to do the same for her!

As it turns out…she’s getting married at the same place as Lance & I did…good ol’ Country Pines!!  Lance and I are super excited to get back there and enjoy the place as guests!!  I plan to be “that girl” that takes an annoying amount of pictures…so stay tuned for some spring-wedding goodness!  For now here’s a sneak peek of the sexy BM dress I get to sport…

just ignore the special guest appearance by my wedding clutch..the reason for that will be revealed post-wedding 😉

(also…I just realized how diff our house looks now from when this pic was taken…we now have totally different colored walls…and wood flooring where I’m standing! my how time files!)

Shelley also picked some bright-spring colors for her decor…with poms, fabric, and buttons…we’re gonna turn that place into sometihng similar to this!

*images via How About Orange

Fun huh?!  I’m stoked to see it all come together!!  There has been a plethora of g-chat, text, & twitter convos back and forth about every detail…from the guest list fun to wedding attire and even that pesky printer – the bane of Shelley’s bridalhood.

Alas here we are…just a few short days before she says I Do…and being the smart woman she is…she actually has all her tasks DONE!?  I know right?!  who does that?!

So no…i won’t be watching the royal wedding (well maybe just a peek to see Kate’s dress!)..instead I’ll be watching someone near and dear to my heart marry someone who I couldn’t have hand-picked more perfectly for her!!

till next time!

*If you follow me on twitter then you may even get a few sneak peeks into the big day…whoop! 


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