Going Green

This is in fact NOT an April fool’s joke…this is actually yours truly posting some pics!  gasp!

Let’s see…what’s first…oh yes…the camera strap I made!

pretty sweet huh?  and yes I am too lazy to actually get out a diff camera to get a full view…I think you get the point…the fabric is pretty bad ass.

And then we have our kitchen…let me start with the before circa July 2010…about 3wks after we moved in.

and then about 2 months ago…Super Bowl Sunday to be exact..I decided it was time to go green…

Looking at these now I’m not sure why we waited so long!  The color makes such a huge difference..esp with the white counter tops.

So here’s my dilemma…if you look the opposite way we have these french doors….which we LOVE..that open onto our deck.  However…we are in desperate need of something to break up all the white…but we don’t think painting the wall green is the answer.

A friend suggested some fun curtains to hang on either side of the french doors.  I love me some curtains so I am all about this idea.  Then literally days later..Jessi posted her sweet no-sew curtains and I about pooped my pants!  I’m thinking of straight up copying her…no shame here.  Esp since the material just happens to be on sale right now!

What do you all think?  Should I attempt to make curtains out of this material?  Is it too much green?  I sorta fell in love with the zig-zag pattern also…but sadly it is not in stock…plus the zig-zag would be sideways and not the chevron design that I am slightly obsessed with.  Oh lord…if I could decorate my entire house in grey/white chevron I would in a heartbeat.

True Story:  I washed a load of clothes…99% of it was grey shirts…I think I need an intervention.  Not to mention our living room is about to go grey…two-tone.  (pssst…our bedroom walls are already are grey!)

I have lots of before/after pics…we’re getting more hardwood put in next week so get ready!!!!!!!!




4 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. Haha I made my sister-in-law a camera strap for Christmas from that exact same material. Apparently we’re long-lost twins that live across the country from each other (except I can’t explain the red hair part-mine is definitely not natural)

    and I say go for it! Love the fabric, it’s decorator weight and even more gorgeous in person!

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