Sometimes I wear green suspenders

So it seems the few of you who commented on the last post want to hear a little something about my mad sewing skills.  I’m not gonna lie…I’m pretty much a natural.  Ok so maybe I’ve only actually sewn like 2 things…with straight lines…but I’m already seeing the potential.

Actually…I’m a little impressed with how quickly I can finish a sewing project.  Which is very much the opposite of knitting.  When I knit I think…hmmmm…maybe I’ll make a scarf…and then I’ll proceed to work on said scarf for about 12+ months…with lots of “in-between” projects so I don’t get bored.  So really I’m still trying to come to terms with this holy-crap-I-made-something-in-3omins!!!! concept.

My first offical poject was a camera strap.  Special shout-out to Alex for the idea and super easy follow along steps.

I spose a picture of that strap would come in handy here…but you’ll just have to imagine one till I actually get around to taking one…add it to the list my friends!!!!!!

The good news is…I have a picture..sorta…of my second sewing project!  It just so happens to be a super-cool bachelorette sash!!!

See that seam up there on my bff shelley’s shoulder??  Yep…pure sewing excellence…thankyouverymuch.

Shelley also happens to be an avid sewer herself…we’re talking quilts and usable things like tote bags!  I think she was impressed with my beginner skills. (FYI …I cut out all those stupid pink letters…ok so maybe I had some help…but it still sucked)

So why is this sash green you may be wondering?!  Well we just so happened to be having her bachelorette weekend in Chicago during their St Patrick’s Day festivities…green river dying and all!


And because we’re super cool…we like to use things like this as an excuse to eat lots and lots of cupcakes…

and dress like complete fools…


Yep…that would be me rockin’ sexy green suspenders.

We all looked quite ridiculous actually.  We ditched the veil and forced shelley to wear a beer hat.  ( I’m really giving it to her in this one)

And because I tend to get a little excited when I have suspenders on…

I had to do a few heel-clicks around Wriglyville.

What can I say…Lance is one lucky fella!!


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