well look who finally decided to show up!

he-hem.  Sorry for my “little” blogging sabbatical.

If anyone is actually still out there tuning in to yours truly….  (I don’t blame you if you unsubscribed)

Here’s the thing…I’ve gotten reaaalllllyyyy lazy with internet-ing…and  I’ve got pictures on my camera that date back from Nov and have yet to be uploaded to my dear ol’ macbook.

BUT…for the sake of those out there that might actually stop by here once in a dark moon…I’m determined to blog something.

Here’s a few things that might make for exciting posts:

1) Our Bright-ass green kitchen paint

2) My undying love for curtains…and how I suck at hanging them.

3) Our sweet bar…and the keg drama that goes along with it.

4) Why having two giant TVs is necessary…esp when one has 3-D.

5) NEW FLOORING!!!!  …and how I’ve turned into “that lady” that makes you take your shoes off…and heaven forbid you actually try to eat/drink around my new carpet.

6) New Adventures in sewing…and how I pretty much rock at it.

Oh and if you’re wondering what ever happend to my wedding recaps?  That thing I did months ago?  Yeah well you can still check them out over on EAD!

GO HERE to get your wedding fix.

Now if one of those thrilling topics above really has you on the edge of your seat…fill free to tell me which one you’d like to hear about first.  I work better under pressure.



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